Entire Harry Potter Franchise Coming Back to Theatres in 3-D

Well, it sounds like we definitely won’t be rid of the Harry Potter series even after the final installment hits theatres next year. Clearly J.K. Rowling’s books have made far too much money for Warner Brothers and they simply can’t let them go. Word on the street is that all of the films will be undergoing a conversion to 3-D so that they can be re-released in theatres, and eventually released on 3-D Blu-ray as well. I’m not sure if we should be surprised about this, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was originally supposed to get a 3-D release until Warners decided to cancel it at the last minute because the quality wasn’t good enough. Hopefully they will at least give themselves enough time to create decent transfers in this case… if such a thing is even actually possible.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is still expected to get released in 3-D in July, so I suppose we’ll find out then whether or not this whole plan is even remotely worthwhile. The re-release announcement was tucked away in an article on The Hollywood Reporter about the opening weekend for the most recent film, and it indicates that the 3-D re-issues will only hit select theatres. The reason? According to Warner Brothers’ head of domestic distribution, Dan Fellman: “I don’t think a wide theatrical re-release could sustain the costs of a modern marketing campaign.” I’m a bit surprised they aren’t re-releasing all of the movies again prior to the finale, with or without the 3-D. So what do all you muggles out there think? Would you pay to see all of the Harry Potter movies again in 3-D, or is this just too much Potter?

  • kyri

    And we by the way, expect a podcast review from you for ALL those 8 movies..

  • Ben

    3D sucks!

  • Jeez, did you hear their podcast for this last one? I think they’re going to save their money

  • Hugh

    This 3d conversion is totally unnecessary and just blatant commercialism gone too far.
    The HP books were a cultural phenomenon and the films, although of varying quality, became part of the cultural zeitgest. However, we are now in the arena of increasingly diminishing returns in turns of critical appreciation and downright entertainment.
    Enough is enough!

  • 6 movies x $10 a ticket = not worth it, though I would probably shell out the money to see one or two. While the recent 3D trend has become a little overwrought, I feel that the HP series would get a decent job of it and I wouldn’t mind seeing my favorites in 3D once. A lot of us that grew up with the series now have to face the grim fact that after the next movie, there will be no more Harry Potter anything.

  • kyri

    so.. No surprise there after all, the studio did not pulled back the 3d release of the last movie because it was not “good enough”

    They just postponed it so they can make more money..


  • Whitney

    This will be awesome! But after each movie, everyone will have such a headache because of all the stuff that seems to fly at you from the screen during the movies, but I hope this is true! This will be epic!

  • harry potter fan forever

    I really do hope that they give them. I would pay anything just to see it in the theaters again!