Mysterious Wired Magazine Video Could Be a Teaser for Neill Blomkamp’s Next Film

Could District 9 director Neill Blomkamp already be starting up another viral marketing campaign for his next film? Wired Magazine readers who subscribe to the iPad version of the magazine recently found a strange, untitled video included in the latest issue credited to Neill Blomkamp without any other explanation as to what it is about. It features about 60 seconds of handheld footage of two men discovering a dead creature on the side of the road branded with a stamp that reads, “AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA.” /Film did some digging and found that a trademark was registered for this name last month, and it is related to “a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms.”

Blomkamp’s next project was announced back in June, and it is reportedly another original sci-fi film called Elysium. At the time, the story was being kept under wraps, but Blomkamp has since revealed that it will be very violent, deal with sociopolitical ideas, and set 150 years in the future, possibly on another planet. He also claims that the tone will be similar to District 9, although it isn’t clear if he intends to toy with documentary-style found footage again. Is it possible that this movie has something to do with genetic engineering? No one seems to be too sure, and the video may not have anything to do with Elysium at all, but needless to say I’m intrigued. What do you think this is all about? Take a look at the video after the jump and give us your best guess in the comments below.

  • kyri

    Looks Neillish enough..

  • Napalm

    looks intriguing.

  • EyeGod

    Totally him. Listen to any of his interviews, or the D9 bonus content, and then listen to the voice on this clip. I’m pretty convinced.

  • kyri

    hope the actual movie is not filmed on his iphone as well.

  • @Kyri,

    At this point I have so much faith in Blomkamp, he could film a movie on his iPhone, and I’d still give it a chance.

  • phil

    This could be a horror movie about a factory farm that produces cheaper, faster-breeding, more resilient animals, such as the “pig shrimp” seen here…

    Any project from anyone associated with District 9 is a “must see” for me.