The Green Hornet Trailer #2

As it stands right now, it’s really difficult to tell whether The Green Hornet will be an inspired masterpiece or a disaster of epic proportions. The movie has a brilliant director in Michel Gondry, a very funny Seth Rogen in the lead role, and the amazing Christoph Waltz as the villain. However, there is also the matter of the somewhat unproven Jay Chou as Kato, Cameron Diaz as the love interest, and a post-conversion to 3-D, not to mention a January release date that does not show much confidence from Sony. What will be the end result?

A new trailer has debuted over on Yahoo! this week, and although it re-uses a lot of footage we’ve seen before, it also adds a handful of new action scenes and some additional bits of comedy as well. My general feeling is that it is an improvement on the first trailer, particularly because of the action scenes, which look to do some interesting things with slow mo and camera movement (I think Michel Gondry saw Inception). The humour is the one thing I’m still not quite sold on, and I think this movie will ultimately live or die by Seth Rogen’s performance. What do you think, has this new trailer won you over? The Green Hornet hits theatres on January 14th; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Gil

    So far, more intriguing than both Iron Man films, incredible Hulk, the Avengers, and Thor.

  • Falsk

    Seth Rogen. <3

    Also, I'm sensing that Jay's least favorite action pose is going to show up in this…

  • alechs

    I really like what I see.

  • alechs

    I really like what I see – kind of wish I didn’t watch the trailer.

  • Napalm

    Looks sick. But Seth Rogan seems to play himself, or at least that’s how it looked in the trailer.

  • anton

    some of the jokes(like gas pistol joke) makes me worry of overall level of the jokes in the film.

  • 1138

    Seth Rogen is a funny man…when he tries to deliver true emotion like when his father is killed…not so good.

    I like Jay Chou though! I think he could be the one bright spot of this mess.

    January release date? Can anyone say DOA?

  • swarez

    There has been some good buzz around this flick. I look forward to it.

  • Wow that looks much better than it did before. Not the Michel Gondry aspect (still waiting to see signs of him) but the Seth Rogen aspect is working for me.