Eli Roth to Turn Fan-Made Clown Trailer Into Feature Length Film

Regardless of what you might think about Eli Roth as a director or an actor, you have to admit, he generally seems like a pretty cool, down-to-earth guy. He’s basically just a movie fan who lucked out with his first feature film, Cabin Fever, and managed to secure a reputation in the industry. From there he has been using his fame to help other filmmakers out ever since, for example as a producer on Daniel Stamm’s The Last Exorcism, and now he is teaming up with a couple of filmmakers who made a fake trailer with Roth’s name on it and put it on YouTube. Aspiring directors, take note: this is apparently a good way to get noticed in Hollywood!

After seeing the trailer for a fictional horror film called Clown, about a father who dons a costume for his son’s birthday party, Roth got in touch with commercial director Jon Watts and his writing partner Christopher Ford to talk about funding a feature length version. Needless to say, they agreed. Roth had this to say:

“I’m incredibly excited to bring make these projects my next ‘Eli Roth Presents.’ These guys are ready to make their mark in the genre. I was blown away when I saw that Clown trailer. Everyone thought it was real, or that I had at least made a fake trailer. I called the guys right away and their first response was ‘Thank you for not suing us!’ I said ‘Sue you? Let’s make this into a real film!’ They are incredibly talented, smart guys ready to make their feature debut.”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent clown horror movie, although a remake of Stephen King’s It has been rumoured for quite some time now. Roth is also going to be producing Aftershock, a thriller set during the aftermath of a Chilean earthquake, to be directed by Nicolás López (Que Pena Tu Vida). Both will be set up through Cross Creek Pictures and Vertebra Films. Check out the fake trailer for Clown, embedded below.

  • Napalm

    looks fun.

  • Gil

    This very same thing happened to Carl in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • Christopher

    This is the The Santa Clause with a clown and horror angle.

  • 1138

    Can someone stop him from making films?

  • xego

    I don’t understand why Roth gets so much hate? I can’t say I have seen his films except “Cabin Fever” and I didn’t really want to see the “Hostel” films I can still respect the guy for going for it and making it happen for himself and others as well. At least he doesn’t come off like a big headed douche like some other indie-make-good I can think of. And he didn’t cash in his Cashe’ just to be a jobber like Brent Ratner. The trailer looks great I will be waiting to see this one.