Green Lantern Trailer

Green Lantern may be just one of many big comic book movies coming out next year, but it’s a pretty important one for Warner Brothers as it is their first attempt to draw from their stable of DC properties and branch out beyond Batman and Superman. A lot of people were understandably concerned when they saw the early preview footage from Entertainment Tonight, and while there is still a decidedly light-hearted tone to the whole thing, I think the trailer itself is pretty solid. For one, I’m excited to see so much focus on the Green Lantern Corps and various scenes in space, which I think will help set this apart from a lot other recent comic book flicks.

The thing that still seems like it could be an issue, however, is Green Lantern’s suit. When it was first announced that they would be making the suit itself entirely CG, there was definitely some concern from fans, and, in fact, it does stick out like a sore thumb. However, the rest of the effects look pretty awesome, so perhaps it will all work out in the end. Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Saarsgaard, Mark Strong and Tim Robbins… does it look like everything you had hoped for? Green Lantern hits theatres on June 17th, 2011; watch the first trailer in HD over at, or check out an embedded version after the jump.

  • Fatbologna

    I don’t know, I still love comic books themselves but I think I’m pretty burnt on these movies at this point. The trailers all have the same tone and feel to them. The action looks alright but I agree with Greg on Ryan Reynolds being a little too Reynolds-y for this character.

  • Henrik

    Ryan Reynolds can act (at least he did in Adventureland), so it’s alittle sad to still see him doing the routine from that horrible sitcom.

    Space shit looks cool, but the suit looks bad.

  • Ryan Marlow

    This looks like it could be the DAREDEVIL level of awful.

    I never thought this would happen, but I’m also sick of superhero movies. Haven’t even bothered to Netflix IRON MAN 2.

  • The Man

    Is it me or does this really want to be iron man?

  • Ryan Marlow

    Rewatched the trailer and I think that’s a sign that the idea of seeing Green Lantern flying through space is STILL exciting enough for me!

  • wow, copycat Ironman much? I agree that this feels like a movie I’ve seen a thousand times. even that swelled head/stringy hair villain feels borrowed from MIB.

  • kyri

    The thing is WB seems to be working with a specific recipe for their actionhero movies, It’s not like they do not deliver it’s like what they deliver does not feel fresh any more.

    About the CGI of this shit.

    I don’t mind the costume that much, I think what looks REALLY stupid its the monsters and the alien planets.

    But for those who remember AVATAR looked stupid in trailers but the actual movie looked a 1000 times better than the trailer.

  • 1138

    Boy that looks bad. I like Ryan Reynolds but for some reason there are times he annoys me. I don’t know what it is but he just seems annoying.

    I never would have cast him as GL, but man that dialogue is really cheesy! And is that Blake Lively? Can’t stand her either.

    The CG looks pretty awesome though and I am still going to see it, but my hopes are pretty low.

    Can anyone write a movie where our main hero is not a womanizing lazy unfulfilled guy who supposed to be a maverick who eventually turns a new leaf of responsibility? I mean come on how predictable!

    Let’s hope the best part of the movie aren’t the effects.

  • Maopheus

    Yeah it’s too much like it’s Ryan Reynolds as GL, not Hal Jordan. The role is almost too steretypical of RR. Hotshot fighter pilot, cocky as hell, ladies’ man, yeah, yeah, seen it all before. Goes through a major change in attitude, sheds his cocky self-centered ways and realizes there are more important things in life than flying fast planes and shagging fast women. OK, those are important too, but not as important as wearing a green ring and a skin tight suit.

  • Maopheus

    Sorry if I kind of repeated what 1138 said.

  • Phil

    WOW, Sinestro looks amazing! Exactly like the comic.

    I will for sure give this a chance. Let’s hope it works!

    “there’s water in the tap,” lol

  • Jonny Ashley

    Reynolds’ sad face is horribly ingenuine.

  • Phil

    Ryan Reynolds would have been so much better as The Flash

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Those aliens look SHIT. Reminds me of POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE.

  • Steve K

    Phil you are dead on, Reynolds as The Flash is much better and suited for him than a Hal Jordan

  • Napalm

    looks like they taking a leaf out of the Iron Man movies with the whole comedic edge. doesn’t suit the film if you ask me. then again i don’t have any extensive knowledge on the comic.

    oh and Ryan Reynolds acts the same in every movie i’ve seen him in. that guy can’t emote for the life of him.

  • Maopheus

    I guess the whole tone of these super hero movies now is to be glib, but there’s a good way of doing it and a bad way. Iron Man was the good way but now any movie after it just looks like it’s copying. RR oozes glib. Also he just got named as People’s Sexiest Man Alive so I think that ought to invalidate him from super hero movies, although doesn’t he still have Deadpool?

  • FoxMulder

    It looks good and Reynolds I like ten times more than Downey Jr.! I’m actually pretty surprised by what I saw. But why is everyone going the Iron Man route? If there is a template it is The Dark Knight and WB 100% will try to emulate the tone of that movie in The Green Lantern. I wouldn’t mind it!

  • Antho42

    Oh great, another origin story.

  • Chris

    I hate to say that I’m not that impressed either. Maybe they are still doing post production and they’ll clean up the CGI. Because it looks kinda obvious.

  • Gil

    I’d rather watch this than any of the two iron man movies that sucked and that new hentai release of avatar.

  • Ben

    Jaded fucks.

  • Ben

    Oh, and I love it when people who don’t know anything about the source material bitch about a movies tone based on a trailer. How many times removed from knowing a damned thing can you get.

  • AmKe

    darken up the suit some and im game. it just sticks out TOO much

  • Kevin

    Have we all forgot how to dream?!! Van Wilder rules!

  • Tomoo

    I think it is too bad that RR is doing so much super hero stuff, seems like it will lessen the chance of him playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool and I think he would be really suited for it. As for this movie, while I don’t mind a movie with a lighthearted tone this flick just seems like one of those quickly made RomComs. Generally uninteresting and that fucking choir music went on far to long.

  • Werner

    this looks like a comic book movie to me ;)

  • Captain N

    Looks good. I dig it. The costume only “looks” CGI because we were told it was. Had we no knowledge of it being CGI, we wouldn’t notice. I think the effect they were going for with the suit works; a suit that doesn’t look of our world.

  • Somnium

    Im disappointed. Thats all.

  • Andrew

    Watching this trailer and reading all the commnets has me wondering. If we are all pretty sick of these comic book hero movies now, imagine what happens when we get to like the third avengers movie and captain america sequel and even the new spider mans.

    There just isn’t enough security for any of the studios to give over a huge superhero franchise that if it fails there goes the whole franchise and side character spinoffs and all that crap. So we see what happens when one studio(WB) trusts a Chris Nolan(who does have quite the track record compared to the other superhero directors). I get why they don’t just let the directors pick a new tactic and try to get original but that’s the only way to save it.

  • Bas

    My only fear is that the whole aliens / other planets business won’t be believable and break the suspension of disbelieve for the whole movie. Both Hellboy movies succeeded in that department without sacrificing fantasy for realism.

  • Brugalito


    what do you expect them to do? start the movie when he get his powers and has the bad guy already beat?

    And for those complaining about how this is an Ironman copy its not, Ironman always had the cocky im better than you personality but was somewhat altered in the movies, the green lantern was always the sarcastic joker type character, reason why i guess they went with ryan reynolds, the roll is made for him

    also the aliens from what i seen in the trailer look exactly like the comics, nice to see there keeping it true to the source, few Comic movies do

  • Agree with everyone saying that RR is bad casting and the CGI suit was a bad idea, but other than that, it seems all a Green Lantern fan could want from a movie adaptation. I’m hopeful.