Film Junk Podcast Episode #294: Unstoppable and Four Lions

0:00 – Intro / Jay’s Trip to Denmark
14:00 – Headlines: Darren Aronofsky to Direct The Wolverine, Jim Carrey Says The Three Stooges are Dead, The Muppets Casting, Best Animated Feature Shortlist
29:20 – Review: Unstoppable
58:55 – Review: Four Lions
1:17:42 – Trailer Trash: Battle: Los Angeles, Green Lantern Preview
1:28:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Conan, Somewhere, Waste Land, Ride, Rise, Roar, Happy People: A Year in the Taiga, Separado!, American: The Bill Hicks Story, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy, Harry Potter, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, The Crazies
2:16:12 – Junk Mail: Christmas Glory Hole, ESPN 30 for 30, Arnold’s Comeback, Podcasts / Joe Rogan / Bryce Dallas Howard, Galaxy Quest
2:30:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:34:00 – Outro

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  • rjdelight

    Frank’s becoming a regular. I love it! Although, kind of bummed you guys didn’t review Skyline.

  • Henrik

    Thank you for the kind words on the show yo.

    Fans of Jay Cheel (or me) should look out for our talk to be uploaded this week.

    Green Lantern looks more like Kick-Ass! The fan trailer had more emphasis on space and lore (obviously the difference between nerd interests and marketing people interests).

  • swarez

    One thing you didn’t mention about Four Lions, is the main guy’s family, who at first seem very liberal Muslims, in regards to the friend who didn’t want to enter the same room as the guy’s wife. But then the guy is planing the whole thing in front of his wife and kid who seem very supportive and happy that he’s doing it, battling the western influence yet their home is filled with western stuff and doesn’t look like you’d think a radical terrorist’s home would look like.

  • kyri

    You guys are the best.

    Greg scratches his beard
    Jay burps on the mic
    Frank breaths like a pig

    Seriously this show is good enough to be on national radio.

    Sean does nothing though :(

    That Could Be Holding You Back..

    Greg is THE BEST of The BEST.

  • swarez: I had actually meant to mention that. It was quite strange.

  • rjdelight

    Sean does nothing? There wouldn’t be a Film Junk Podcast without Sean, he steers that crazy ship.

    And Jay missed an opportunity to bring up, after just watching the Bill Hicks film, that Greg’s beloved Dennis Leary basically ripped off Hicks’ entire act.

  • Goon

    without Bill to rip off, its pretty noticable how much worse Denis’ next album was, and then he just basically stopped…

  • wow, Hendrik is a true Jekyll and Hyde apparently…I guess I can see that…

    I kept listen to Jay’s Copenhagen story thinking a screening of “Beauty Day” was part of the trip?!

    I look forward to the show were Greg gets to full REM state before Jay wakes him. We’ll get to hear what Greg is like in the morning. I wager the audio will be usable in a Nature Doc. of bears coming out of hibernation.

    Classic as always

  • Henrik – damn spell check

  • Jim4337

    Good to hear Frank on the show again!

  • rjdelight

    Regarding what Frank said about a new Norm MacDonald show, I’m not sure he’s working on one for NBC. If he is that’s great, but the show I know for a fact he’s currently developing is a sports themed talk show/and or sketch show? Something to that effect for Comedy Central. Mike “Gibby” Gibson is the head writer, so it has the chance to be epic. I just hope Comedy Central doesn’t cancel it after two episodes.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Good show guys.

    It needs more of Frank’s laughing though. And no stories ? C’mon Frank you tell the best stories.

    Nothing on the exit of Ti-Cats ? Dont worry Greg my Stamps will be out after this weekend too.

    Denzel Washington is the black Christopher Walken.

  • B Fer

    Hey, what’s the title again of the filipino film that Jay saw? Is it “Balangay”? i tried looking for it (in yahoo, by searching it through google, mind you) and found nothing. I’m a Filipino and haven’t heard about it. Thanks

  • Paul

    Glad you guys got to see four lions, I said last time this film was mentioned, that it didn’t go far enough. The biggest bodyswerve from Chris Morris was the airport and flight. If your making a terrorist comedy and the story involves flying, and they dont do a single gag……….

    It was still funny, but could’ve gone much further.

  • Eleanor

    I think most of the problem of Four Lions, is that it’s heavily English – there are so many english references in the film, that anyone who is removed from our culture, might miss, or not understand. For example, one joke they had was about joining phone companies, and which one was best to go for would be totally missed by an american audience. Maybe that’s why it seemed that the only jokes were about carrying bombs around, etc, because you missed most of the others?
    It’s just so refreshing to see a film that makes references to british culture – the shop ‘kebabish’ that partly features at the end, is a franchise shop, and there is one in my hometown, which escalates the humour for me hugely.
    I watched it with a Muslim friend, and she found it hillarious, and wasn’t at all offended. She also loved it when they went into Arabic when they were arguing/insulting each other!

    I agree about there being cliches, and ‘done’ gimmicks, but I thought the film had a well compiled mix of comedy and tragedy overall.