Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch Trailer #2

Another flashy trailer for Zack Snyder’s next film Sucker Punch has hit the web this week, and although I continue to be intrigued by the visuals, I am still not completely sold on this thing. Emily Browning stars as Baby Doll, a girl who is institutionalized in Brattleboro, Vermont, where her mind gets locked away in an imaginary world. She has five days to find her way back to reality before she will be lobotomized. Along the way she is joined by fellow inmates Amber (Jamie Chung), Rocket (Jena Malone), Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) and Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), re-envisioned as bad ass warriors.

The trailer reveals the plot point that she must recover five mystical items in order to escape, which feels more like a video game than a movie (not the first time one of Snyder’s films has invited that comparison). In fact, given the choice, I think I’d prefer to play the video game. Everything looks so fake and CG, and for once I was actually looking forward to the 3-D element for the added immersion. Ironically, they have since decided against a 3-D release. At the risk of sounding overly cynical, I’ll say that the speed ramping is starting to feel like a bit of a crutch for Snyder, and he’s going to have to bring something more to the table story-wise if he hopes to sidestep the inevitable Inception comparisons. Are you looking forward to Sucker Punch? It hits theatres on March 25th, 2011; check out the new trailer after the jump or watch it in HD over at

  • swarez

    I wish I was sent to an institution for hot girls.

  • Phil

    “geeks” have become Hollywood’s cash cow. Tickle their neckbeards — which means videogame referneces, samurai swords, robots, steampunk, whatever else comic con crowds like —- and you have a hit movie.

    This looks like a video game cutscene or FX demo reel. I’ll be skipping this one.

  • Phil

    Also…plot points of finding a key, a map, etc…

    Five levels, five mini-movies, five items. Obviously this will be like “Heavy Metal” with five 15-minute shorts

  • Jonny Ashley

    The hot girl is a nerdy fat guy

  • Robin

    Looks terrible

  • kyri


  • berserker01

    I think it looks fine. There aren’t that many movies that go crazy like this. I mean, there are plenty of normal ordinary movies being made. So, just enjoy the imagination.

  • Mike

    i agree with berserker01 …if only because it looks different than all the other big budget movies out there, i’ll be seeing this one.

  • Niklas

    this movie looks like it will be boring

  • Falsk

    Hahahaha–“neckbeards”. That’s awesome.

  • Phil is right about the “neck beards” and the plot points. This is a movie were the more you learn about it the worst it gets. The 5 items part of the trailer is a real yawner. Why develop an interesting story about the different characters being separate parts of the whole? much easier to make a story with stereotypes representing different parts of her personality and have them all go on a goose chase.

  • Nelson Smith

    For me, personally, one of the markers of a good movie is its ability to distract me from “real life” and its disappointments, even if for only an hour and a half.

    I watch that trailer and I see some very cool stuff and that’s what I’m looking for. Maybe I am tied into the same collective conscious out there that enjoys shiny things and sharp swords and cool special effects……and blondes :) , but I think there are far worse things out there that I could be into.

    I think I’m going to reserve judgment until I actually
    see the movie, for myself.

    I liked “300” and I liked “Watchmen” so I’m going to give the guy the benefit of doubt.

  • Fatbologna

    So, when did Ed Hardy start directing movies?

  • Steve

    Looks pretty good. But did everyone just politely ignore Legend of the Guardians? That movie rocked (for a kids’ film) and had plenty of the slow-fast-slow shots.

  • AJ

    Geeks are Hollywood’s cash cows, huh? That didn’t seem to help Scott Pilgrim much.

    Sucker Punch is a slick looking film, but I’m not exactly enamored of the story after this trailer.

  • Mikey T

    Snyder has some impressive films under his belt, give the guy a chance to prove he can pull it off again. I think this looks like a high quality Asian style fantasy action thril ride. I’ll go see it for sure.

  • swarez

    50 bucks that the fifth item is “themselves”.

    Yeah geekdom is the most over rated “cash cow” in recent years and has continually failed to live up to its reputation.

  • It’s different, and I like Zack Snyder’s movies, and I love the Dieselpunk aesthetic, so I’ll be checking this out. I think it’ll do as well as Watchmen, which is to say decent, but not great.

    Since I heard about this movie before I ever heard about Inception, no one can say “copycat,” and since Inception was not the first movie to take place in someone’s head, compare this to Dreamscape instead.

    I’ll watch, for sure.