MGM Plans New Bond Film for 2012

With MGM filing for bankruptcy this week, the company is now looking to restructure and take steps towards regaining their former glory. As we already know, The Hobbit will be the studio’s first production as it gears up for shooting in February, but now it looks as if MGM is also focusing on another cash cow, the James Bond franchise. If all goes according to plan, audiences may see Bond 23 in theaters by November 2012. The proposed target date certainly isn’t set in stone, though, since MGM is currently looking for a partner to finance the film. Also, there’s no guarantee that Daniel Craig will return to the role of Bond. He’s maintaining a busy schedule right now, including the Millennium Trilogy, so it’s uncertain whether he would or could fit in a Bond film among his other projects.

MGM’s plans span further than the next two years as they foresee a new Bond film being produced every other year. It’s a smart move on the studio’s part to lead off with sure-fire moneymakers like Bond (should we expect any less?) and I do look forward to seeing what they’ll do with the character now, especially if Craig doesn’t return. There’s also no word on whether or not Sam Mendes will still be directing. I wouldn’t worry about any rash decisions, though, as they still have plenty of time to work out details on the creative team. So, are you looking forward to the return of Bond? Would you be upset if Craig didn’t come back?

  • DreamWeaverPL

    A new bond with no Daniel Craig?

    I would cry blood. ;/ Craig’s version of Bond was my favourite of them all, making Connery and Brosnan look like cartoon characters.

    For me now Bond=Craig, and if this equation isn’t maintained in the new movie, then to hell with it.

  • Big Hungry

    Craig is Bond… well at least for this gen…. Connery is the real bond.
    I Hope Craig steps back into the role and this moves forward.

  • mark

    I’ll be pissed if they replace Craig. His schedule is too full for a bond movie?? I bet his agents like “don’t wait on mgm, lets get you some roles and wait for them to get their shit together.”

  • Shirko

    It took me a long time to accept Craig as the new bond, and I won’t accept him being changed this fast. Let him be Bond for at least another decade.

  • Derek

    Changing a successful Bond actor this early, is a bad move make. I think if Craig is busy with other roles at the moment, they could be patient and wait until he’s free enough to come back. Besides that, Craig should have assumed that he would most likely be getting summoned, to come back as Bond; in the near future.

  • If Craig cannot fulfill his duties then the only acceptable replacement is Christian Bale. He is physical enough,looks good in a suit, and is suave without looking like a pussy.Just look at his roles as Bruce Wayne and his role in American Psycho. Dedicated actor who will dedicate himself and will be James Bond if asked and chooses to take the part.