Weekly Poll Results: Best Giant Monster Movie

So… the results from our latest poll are in, and I have a feeling they’re going to cause a bit of controversy. Last week we looked at the best giant monster movies ever made, and we asked you guys to vote for your favourite. As it turns out, the winner by a fairly large margin was Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. It’s a great movie, but the question is, does it qualify as a giant monster movie? I feel that it does, but I still expected some of the more obvious pioneers to take precedence. As it turns out, the 1933 King Kong tied for second place with Cloverfield, followed by Starship Troopers and Godzilla. Yep, Godzilla came in fifth… wow. How do you feel about these results? Are they accurate, or are there too many young punks out there with no appreciation for the classics?

1. Jurassic Park — 31.1%
2. King Kong (1933) — 12.4%
2. Cloverfield — 12.4%
4. Starship Troopers — 12%
5. Godzilla — 11.3%
6. Tremors — 7.1%
7. The Host — 6%
8. King Kong (2005) — 4.6%
9. Them! — 2.5%
10. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms — 0.7%

  • paulm

    I go with the young punks theory. Plus, the 70’s King Kong was fun too. I remember seeing it in the theater when I was a kid. Plus, if Dinosaurs are giant monsters, what about the shark in Jaws? He was 20, no, 25 feet long…

  • Foxmulder

    The best adventure movie of all time wone for me! Simply a masterpiece in entertainment.

  • Falsk

    Yeah, I don’t know… I mean, Jurassic Park -is- the best film ever made… but I would hardly put this on the same level as a King Kong or Godzilla film…

    Shoot her… SHOOOOT HEEEER.

  • swarez

    What a load of shit. Grow some taste you young whipersnappers.
    Jurassic Park and Star Ship Troopers aren’t in the same category as Godzilla or King Kong.
    Godzilla is the reigning king of monsters.

  • Let’s get real here: Godzilla is no classic. Yes, neither is Cloverfield, but still.

  • swarez

    Godzilla not a classic? What the fuck have you been smoking? Godzilla is one of the most well known pop culture icons there is!
    But my Jedi skills sense that you are talking about the awful Emmerich version but not the 1954 original. And if you are then your point is irrelevant.

  • Kurt

    What Swarez said (although maybe the above commenter is talking about the Raymond Burr American re-edit of Godzilla? I think that is still a pretty good movie, but the original language version is King of Monsters!. Someone deserves a tarring and feathering!

    I like the allegory (but still spectacle) monster movies – The Host, Godzilla, Starship Troopers, Cloverfield, War of the Worlds, King Kong, etc. etc. Lots of good entries.

  • Jerry

    These movies don’t seem as stupid in black and white.