Seann William Scott Ditches Kevin Smith’s Hockey Comedy for Another

Since it’s kind of a slow news day, I thought it would be worth catching up on some news that managed to slipped by while I was on vacation. Kevin Smith is currently in the midst of shooting his indie horror flick Red State (he released the mysterious first photo via Twitter), but earlier this year he had also been talking a lot about his proposed hockey movie Hit Somebody. He was really excited about reteaming with Cop Out co-star Seann William Scott for the lead role, and although no deal had been announced, it sounded like Scott was definitely on board. Well, this month we found out that he may have been more eager to star in a hockey flick than we originally thought, and unfortunately Seann William Scott will be lacing up his skates for another director instead. He has signed on to star in Goon, an indie comedy written by Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen’s writing partner Evan Goldberg.

The movie is based on Doug Smith and Adam Frattasio’s book Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey, and it will co-star Baruchel along with Alison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Marc-Andre Grondin (C.R.A.Z.Y.). Eugene Levy and Liev Schrieber have also since joined the cast. The thing that really caught my attention is the fact that the movie is being helmed by FUBAR director Michael Dowse and will be shot in Winnipeg, Canada.

Scott’s character is a bouncer who discovers that his ability to throw punches can be better used as an enforcer on the ice. It definitely sounds somewhat similar to Hit Somebody, although Smith had hinted that his movie might have some more dramatic elements in it as well. He lamented the loss of Seann William Scott in a recent episode of Hollywood Babble-On, but he didn’t begrudge him for it. So what do you think, did they just steal Smith’s thunder here? Which hockey movie are you looking forward to more?

  • matty

    I feel bad for Smith as this is the second time something like this has happened to him in 2 years. I remember him saying on one of his podcasts that Cop Out was originally going to star Will Ferrel and Mark Whalberg, but once they heard Smith was directing they jumped out and went to make The Other Guys with Adam McKay instead. Now he wants to make a hockey movie and his ideal star gets usurped again. To his credit, he’s taking it all in stride. Hockey is something that Smith seems to have a passion for, so I’m thinking he might end up with something good regardless of who stars.

    Smith is a very polarizing figure it seems. His fans are die hards but they seem to like him and seeing him more than seeing his movies. He’s the only film director I can think of that will sell out an auditorium and talk almost exclusively about his personal life and not even mention the flicks he’s worked on. If Red State ends up making any money, then Hit Somebody might have a chance. If it fails, I think we’re looking at cult status of Hit Somebody at best.

  • Wensink

    Nobody stole Smith’s thunder. As the writer of the book Goon, I can tell you that the option for Goon was purchased more than four years ago. The first draft of the screenplay was written at least two years ago. I read this past summer that Smith’s screenplay wasn’t even finished. I hope both movies succeed, but the genesis of Goon has had absolutely nothing to do with Hit Somebody.

  • Ashy Larry

    Either way, I am looking forward to GOON. I like that Eugene levy is now a part of the cast and that this is a Canadian film! I bet it’s gonna be great.

  • CassandraT

    Still seems kind of strange that Seann William Scott would be considered for both parts given that he doesn’t exactly have the build required to play a hockey goon. I don’t know how either film is gonna sell the idea of some relatively scrawny short guy like Scott or Nicholas Braun (Scott’s apparent replacement for Hit Somebody) playing a bruiser convincingly without being too derivative of Slap Shot. You can never have enough hockey movies though.