The Hobbit Initial Casting Announced, Martin Freeman Confirmed as Bilbo

Although it still hasn’t been decided if The Hobbit will be shot in New Zealand (the actors union ban has been lifted, but it may be too late), things are moving full steam ahead with the J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation. This week Warner Brothers and New Line have issued a press release with the first round of official casting info, and it looks like all the rumours were indeed true: Martin Freeman will play Bilbo Baggins. Previously it had been rumoured that his shooting schedule for season 2 of Sherlock might not allow him to star in The Hobbit, but this seems to have been resolved one way or another. After the jump, check out the full list of actors playing the Company of Dwarves in The Hobbit.

  • Thorin Oakenshield — Richard Armitage (Robin Hood, Captain America: The First Avenger)
  • Kili and Fili — Aidan Turner (Being Human) and Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders)
  • Dwalin — Graham McTavish (Secretariat) as Dwalin
  • Oin — John Callen (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
  • Gloin — Peter Hambleton (The Strip)
  • Bombur — Stephen Hunter (All Saints)
  • Dori — Mark Hadlow (King Kong, Meet the Feebles)

As you might expect, Peter Jackson had many glowing things to say about his cast. Most of them are fairly unknown, especially to North American audiences, but that is the same approach he used for much of The Lord of the Rings and it seemed to work well. Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis are also expected to reprise their roles as Gandalf and Gollum, although the announcement didn’t make mention of this fact. There are also a handful of other roles still to be cast, including the voice of Smaug. Are you pleased with how the cast of The Hobbit is shaping up?

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Fuck! Not this asshole.

  • Snorfle

    but he was great in The Office

  • Paul Andrews

    I’d call that good casting.

  • Cassandra

    Yes! He’s perfect and was amazing in both The Office and Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy….just perfect for Bilbo.

  • Steve

    Martin Freeman was the obvious shoe-in. His entire Arthur Dent performance in Hitchhiker’s Guide felt like Bilbo and he obviously looks the part. Now all they have to worry about is the Ian Holm flashback in Fellowship which has Bilbo finding the ring.

    Some of the cast is too ‘young’ looking. Now I know that Dwarves have to be young at some point, but I can’t imagine them beardless. Thorin is much younger than I’d expect (I thought Brian Cox would have been perfect), but even John Rhys Davies looked ‘Dwarfey’ before becoming Gimli.

  • Pat

    How bout Tim Curry for the voice of Smaug?

  • Nice choice.