Cars 2 Teaser Trailer

Disney and Pixar have unveiled the first teaser trailer for their next animated film today. Yep, it’s another sequel… Cars 2. To give you an idea of how short the teaser is, they aren’t even calling it a teaser… it’s simply a “Logo Reveal”. Still, it clearly hints at a spy theme for the second film, and from what we know the story finds Mater getting caught up in the world of international espionage after he is mistaken for a British secret agent.

You can glimpse a brief concept art gallery on the official website that showcases some of the international locations planned for the adventure including England, Japan, Italy, France and Germany. There’s not much to say at this point, but I think this is honestly the first time that I’m not even sure if I’ll see a new Pixar film in theatres. Are you looking forward to Cars 2? The movie hits theatres on June 24th, 2011; check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

  • rjdelight

    There was a time when Pixar was suppose to be the studio above the “another sequel” comments. Guess were past that point. And I’m not even against the idea of sequels, I love them, but seriously Cars 2? Cars is Pixar’s worst movie. Make an Incredibles 2 already!

  • Mike

    The only Pixar movie that calls for a sequel was the Inredibles, so this is unnecessary. Having said that, there’s not a lot of major animated releases that are good, much less great, so I will still see this. If only to satisfy that part of me that wants to see an animated movie a year.

  • Not interested.

  • anton

    weird. they have so many good films and only one of them is really boring, it just doesnt make any sense to make sequel of it. perhaps they are trying to redeem the first sin.

  • prim

    Well, tbh. Cars wasn’t that bad especially for kids at the age of 2 – 4 (even 5 years maybe). I honnestly think Cars is Pixar’s most popular series incl. the marketing around it.