Piranha 3D Sequel Gets Writers, Director and a Title

Despite being far from the summer’s most successful film, Dimension Films thought Piranha 3D qualified for a sequel. Now, we’ve received word on who will write and direct the upcoming splatter-fest. Apparently Dimension has reached out to John Gulager, known for the Project Greenlight film Feast, to direct, and Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, writers of Feast and several of the Saw films, to pen the screenplay. The new film, entitled Piranha 3 DD in reference to the franchise’s love of the female anatomy, has an August 2011 release set. While the new creative team will be in kind of a rush to meet that deadline, I’m sure it’s within the realm of possibility.

If you watched season three of Project Greenlight, you know who John Gulager is and you also know that the guy is a little… odd. His personality made for some interesting television, so I’m hoping that there’s a good amount of behind-the-scenes footage on this film as well. While Gulager’s resume might not be the most extensive (he’s followed up Feast with two direct-to-DVD sequels), I’d say he’s a decent choice to direct. From his Project Greenlight experience alone, he’s dealt with low budgets and time constraints. As for the writers, I’m sure with their Saw films behind them, they can conjure up some creative deaths, which is really the most important thing, right? Now I just wonder which 1980s celebrities they’ll resurrect for the film. What do you think, will it be as good without Alexandre Aja at the helm?

  • Foxmulder

    Looking forward to it!

    Like the fact that Aja wont be directing cause I dont think he could have topped Piranha 3D! Instead he will do something else. Whatever it is, Im excited for it!!

  • rjdelight

    Let’s hope they actually shoot the movie in 3D this time.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Great pic !

  • KeithTalent

    It will be hard to top the first film, but I’m sure I’ll go see it. Could have been the most fun I had at the theatre this Summer.