The Hangover 2 Cameo to Save Mel Gibson’s Career?

After Mel Gibson’s most recent psychotic outburst threatened to derail his career this past summer, it was unclear when we might see him on the big screen again. His upcoming film The Beaver had been getting good buzz earlier in the year, but it has since been shelved, apparently until the backlash blows over. While some might question whether or not there even is a backlash (a recent Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll indicated that most moviegoers were no less likely to see a new Mel Gibson movie), the fact remains that it can be difficult to win back public approval once you have lost it. Just ask Tom Cruise. As it turns out, Gibson may actually be getting pointers from Cruise’s publicity team because for his next role it looks like he will be poking fun at himself, just like Tom Cruise did in Tropic Thunder.

Word on the street is that The Gibber will make an appearance in The Hangover 2 as a wacky tattoo artist that the main characters encounter in Bangkok. As you may know, The Hangover 2 takes place primarily in Thailand, with a recent batch of set photos spotting the cast at an airport in California. While some of the shoot will happen on location in Thailand, Gibson’s scenes will take place on a studio lot.

Clearly everyone is comparing Mel Gibson’s cameo to the Mike Tyson cameo from the first Hangover film, although it’s unclear if Gibson will actually play himself or not. There’s no doubt that Tyson’s appearance helped his career and also became a big talking point about the first film. Will Gibson’s role end up being mutually beneficial as well? If you ask me, this trend of inserting ironic celebrity cameos into mainstream comedies is becoming a bit too predictable, but Gibson definitely has considerable comedic talent. What do you think, does this sound like an inspired addition to the film, or is it shameless and desperate?

  • Gil

    I admit I bought it on Blu Ray without knowing nothing about the first one just because it was like 15 bux, but seriously… the first one is not that fuckin’ funny. it has its moments, but there was a lot of down time i couldn’t give a fuck about.

  • rjdelight

    It’s funny that The Beaver was on the screenplay black list, which is essentially a big list of projects that can’t get made, and now that it’s finally been produced it can’t be released. I feel for whoever wrote it.

  • Jake

    This could be an epic scene in the movie, if its done right. I agree with Gil, that the first movie wasn’t the funniest film since Airplane like some thought and Mike Tyson’s cameo was pretty pointless and more of a “look who’s still around, we found him!” moment than a comedy moment, but if they can construct a well written part for Gibbo he could do a great job of sending himself up.
    Maybe a role similar to Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Bad Santa, a hopeless drunk. BUt with more racism, if they have the balls to do it.

  • Susan

    Mel, as you may know by now, has been cut from the HangOver 2 film, after supposed objections by “cast & crew”. First of all, after having had a CONVICTED RAPIST and world-reknown misogynist, bit a man’s ear off and has made plenty of racist statements, star in the 1rst film, just who the hell are these “cast & crew” to demand Mel be axed ??!? This is nothing more than whiplash justice, Jewish H’Wood lashing out behind the scenes to wreck Mel’s career, something Miz Okasana didn’t count on when she set out to collect big-time, i.e. killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Most of these objectors could not stand up to the harsh light of day being focused on their own personal lives, so this is all bullsh*t. I refuse to support people like this by going to see the film. Oksana hunted and bagged Mel like a prize buck; his ex-wife even came to his defense, saying he had no history of this type behavior, so whatever his and her issues were, they didn’t involve the kind of unravel he had w/ with Oksana. Not seeing this film, too many hypocrites in it. It’s Hollywood people, not Holy-wood; let him without sin……

  • Skip Fraser

    Mr. Gibson…call me for your next project. It is an atonement of blockbuster proportion. Think, Braveheart meets Forrest Gump meets The Untouchables, Ferrum veritas, Mel.
    Skip Fraser