Film Junk Podcast Episode #290: Jackass 3D

0:00 – Intro
5:38 – Headlines: The Hobbit Starts Shooting in February, New Incredible Hulk TV Series, Top Gun Sequel, Back to the Future Coming Back to Theatres, Family Circus Movie on the Way, Rhys Ifans is The Lizard?
24:50 – Review: Jackass 3D
55:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: An Idiot Abroad, Running Wilde, Boardwalk Empire, From Paris with Love, House, Troll 2, Committed, Vacancy, The Haunting, The Slumber Party Massacre, Slumber Party Massacre II, The Crow
1:26:05 – Junk Mail: More Netflix, Krohn’z Dizeaze Remix, Steve-O’s Rise and Demise, Howard vs. Crowe vs. Bay, Favourite John Candy Movies, Canadian Accents, Actors vs. Actresses, Documentaries for Newbies
1:48:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:52:55 – Twitter Question of the Week: What is the most disgusting scene you’ve seen in a comedy?
1:57:20 – Outro

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  • Big Hungry

    Bring bill bixby back as CG???
    Hell Yes! I would watch that.

    One of favorites shows too!
    I honestly think the TV show has aged better than the movies.

  • Were you guys under the influence during this episode?

  • Yes. Under the influence of poutine.

  • rjdelight

    As much as I enjoyed the first clip show, doing another one so soon would be pretty lame. My suggestion for episode 300, which has been suggested in the forums, is get together with all the guest stars film junk has had over the years.

  • I take it “poutine” is Canadian for “free-basing quaaludes off the back of a Vietnamese prostitute.”

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Human Centipede mention :-)

    No mention of the Liverpool takeover by the Red Sox owners ? C’mon Greg – It’s your team !

    Any thoughts ?

    Gentlemen, a request – We need more Frank, seriously. I get that there is less Reed, some people don’t appreciate genius but Frank is appreciated by all.

    Just a thought.

  • Matt

    I too agree that it is too soon to do a clip show again for #300. Absolutely LOVED the last one, though :-) I definitely think it would be cool to have some of the guest hosts on, and won’t it be around Christmas time? Maybe have Jay do his take on some timeless Christmas carols haha

  • Napalm

    Chian. Bring Chian back. Permanently if possible!

  • Kurt

    Agreed. Franks is DAMN funny. More Frank, please.

  • KeithTalent

    I’ve never seen Who’s Harry Crumb, so I guess that’s a must add. Thanks gentlepersons. I see it has Annie Potts and world renowned pedophile Jeffrey Jones! Now I’m really excited.

  • Mason

    Meg Ryan was not in Top Gun, that was Kelly McGillis. You may also know her from Witness and The Accused.

  • Mason. Meg Ryan was in Top Gun. She was Goose’s wife.

  • swarez

    Kelly McGillis was the main girl in Top Gun.
    She was in Stakeland as the Nun. The years haven’t been kind to her to be honest.

  • This bandwidth cap talk is garbage. One more reason to be happy I’m in America. :)

    You watched 2 seasons of a show and a couple movies and you’re done for the month? Not even counting all your web browsing and downloading podcasts and stuff. That’s pretty lame.

    Is there another provider you can use that doesn’t limit your bandwidth?

  • KeithTalent

    If you can find a smaller, local provider you can get away without limits. I use a local internet/TV provider (Novuscom in Vancouver) and I can download as many Linux distributions as I want without issue.

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about a new Canadian ISP called TekSavvy. Apparently they have a standard 200 GB cap but they also offer accounts with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Mason

    I had forgotten Meg Ryan was also there in a supporting role. It’s been a while since I saw “Top Gun”, not into young Cruise so much.

    I watched John Sayles’s “Lone Star” not long ago. I thought it was good, but not great. I liked his “Eight Men Out” much better. Both star the legendary Clifton James.

  • Kurt

    I adore WHO’S HARRY CRUMB in all of its formula and idiotic absurdity. I think I preferred this type of lovable-doofus movie when John Candy was making them, as opposed to what the ‘genre’ (if that is the right term) devolved into with the Adam Sandler man-child. There are some classic one-liners in WHC, not the least of which:

    “You can believe what you want, just don’t believe it here.”

  • Kurt

    And don’t forget that Tim Thomerson (Trancers, Near Dark) is in there too. “Aw, Shit, that was a new $9 shirt!”

  • I would definitely add Only The Lonely to the must see John Candy list of films.

    I think episode 300 should be epic like the film. It should be a video podcast with lots of stylistic shots and cg blood when Greg punches Reed in the larynx.

  • How are the dullest comic strips of all time getting made into movies? How are these comic strips still in circulation? Is Cathy next on the list?

    Here are some comic strips that would have more appeal as movies:

    Hagar The Horrible
    The Far Side
    Bloom County
    Calvin & Hobbes
    For Better or for Worse
    Wizard of Id

    I’m not saying all the strips above are hilarious. I just think they have more versatility and possibilities although I don’t know how you would bring Opus and Bill The Cat to life in Bloom County. I also realize that some of the creators have no interest in bringing their characters to the big screen, like Bill Watterson of Calvin & Hobbes for example.

    So instead, we’ll continue to get movies like Family Circus, Garfield and Marmaduke. Oh, that Marmaduke! I wonder what that over-sized pooch will do next? He’s just so unpredictable.

  • KeithTalent

    I picked up Harry Crumb yesterday. $3.00 used! Very much looking forward to it.

    I thought when you announced the Family Circus news it was a joke because Nick Swardson recently did a short bit on developing a Family Circus movie on the Comedy Death Ray podcast: so sad that a joke made about something that should be absurd has actually become a reality.

  • I should have mentioned Funky Winkerbean also as a comic strip to film concept.

  • “The Crow” came out on my 16th birthday, and I must have seen that thing like 5 times in theaters. Once it hit video, I probably saw it about another hundred times. However, I too recently revisited the film after not having seen it in forever, and I agree that it really didn’t hold up all that well. “Showdown in Little Tokyo” though? Absolute GOLD. Unfortunately, it’s only ever existed on DVD in Pan & Scan form. Damn.

    Back to “The Crow”. The villain was played by Michael Wincott, who got some pretty high profile gigs after this (and had also been in “Talk Radio” almost a decade before), and I always really dug him. I recently did some extra and stand-in work on “Unstoppable”, the Denzel movie coming out next month, where I got to be in a scene with Jeff Wincott, Michael’s brother. I’ll be walking by behind him with a paper and a coffee when he’s working on his truck. Anyway, I got to do a pretty good impression of Michael Wincott in “The Crow” when someone asked his brother’s agent what his brother had been in.

    Anyone remember when evvvvvvveryone and their brother went as the Crow for Halloween in 1994? I was handing out candy that night, and a lot of people weren’t even trying, like they’d have the makeup done, but they’d be dressed in regular street clothes, like basketball jerseys and stuff.

  • JIm the Germ

    I hate to have to say it… but I wish Jay wouldn’t repeat so much stuff on the Film Junk and Doc-Blog podcasts. It sounds like he’s practicing on one show for the other, or really likes hearing his own thoughts & voice. Maybe he can save the documentary related material for the other show? I would guess there is an almost 100% overlap of audiences. Not sure I can invest the time to hear the same material twice.

  • Actually The Documentary Blog and Film Junk have very different audiences. There are a lot of industry people who follow that site. At one point it had more RSS subscribers than Film Junk.

    I’d say just skip over the parts where Jay talks about what he watched if you don’t want to hear the same thing twice.

  • KeithTalent

    I listen to both and have no problem with it, it’s not like he’s reading a script, he says different things plus there are different people on both shows to comment or discuss the films he brings up.

  • Brendan

    Just wanted to mention that nobody acknowledged Greg’s Family Circus movie joke. When Sean said everybody was looking forward to it, Greg said, “Not me!”
    For those you who aren’t “Circus Freaks” (as I like to call Family Circus uber-fans), here’s the infamous “Not Me”:

    *NOTE* I’ve never actually called anyone a “Circus Freak” before. Except for a lady with a beard that lives in my neighborhood.
    Seriously, she really has a full-on beard.

  • Greg

    @Brendon: Thank you! I couldn’t believe no one said anything.