Top Gun Sequel Flies Closer to Reality (With or Without Tom Cruise)

Prepare to enter the Danger Zone folks… rumours about Top Gun 2 have popped up on our radar once again. Unlike the reports that surfaced a couple of years back, however, these seem to come from a source that is slightly more reliable than a U.K. tabloid. Earlier this week, Vulture got a hot tip that both director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer had been approached about a sequel to the ’80s blockbuster, along with screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects). Now Entertainment Weekly has apparently confirmed that McQuarrie was contacted about the project, although no deal is yet in place. The big question on everyone’s mind, however, seems to be whether or not Tom Cruise will reprise his role as hot shot pilot Maverick.

Vulture’s initial report seemed to hint that Maverick would have a small role in the film, and that Cruise was interested in returning, however, according to EW, a rep for Tom Cruise denied his involvement. Strangely, that claim has since been stricken from the EW article, which would seem to indicate that Cruise hasn’t actually decided one way or the other. Surely he’s not above sequels at this point in his career, but perhaps he would only return if his role was a little more significant?

I’m still not sure how a Top Gun sequel would do nowadays. There aren’t a lot of dogfights going on in modern warfare anymore, and as Bruckheimer himself has said, “the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago.” In a way, it could be interesting to look at how things have changed, but in another way, I doubt the general public would have a lot of interest in it. What do you think, could a Top Gun sequel work? Would Tom Cruise’s involvement make you more or less interested?

  • If they do this I just hope that they don’t try to make it younger by having Tom Cruise now an instructor and Shia Le Beouff is now the new hot shot fighter.

  • Gil

    I thought the first one was gay as hell as a child, this tops the queerness.