Edward Burns’ Homage Trailers

With it’s sappy-sweet first trailer premiering to much online criticism, Edward Burns has taken the marketing of his new film, Nice Guy Johnny, into his own hands and, in my opinion, in a very exciting new direction. Burns, with the help of someone named “Reel Movie Guy“, has recut the Johnny trailer in the style of several classic films. So far, five such trailers have been released.

Want to test your own movie knowledge? You can play along at home. See if you can figure out which classic films’ trailers are being homaged by Burns et al. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailers (and the original trailers they are homaging) after the jump.

1. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailer 1

2. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailer 2

3. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailer 3

4. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailer 4

5. Nice Guy Johnny Homage Trailer 5

And now, the originals. How did you do?

1. L’Avventura (The Adventure) Trailer

2. Contempt TRAILER

3. ???

4. Hannah and Her Sisters Trailer

5. Love Story Trailer

I was able to identify these trailers on my own, all except for number three (which is a bummer because it is my favorite). Any ideas? I love that someone in Burns’ position is not only sticking with indie film in a very tough time for it, but is also willing to put himself and his film on the line with such a unique form of marketing. I’ll be checking the film out based on this campaign, hoping that a filmmaker with this level of guts and creativity will deliver a comparable film.

More info on Nice Guy Johnny can be found on the official website.