Live Action Family Circus Movie in the Works

Back when a live action Marmaduke movie was first announced last year, I can recall a lot of people joking about other comic strips that would make for even more ridiculous film adaptations. One of the titles that had to be at the top of the list was Bil Keane’s The Family Circus, the notoriously unfunny single panel comic that most people would agree very rarely has an actual punchline. Supposedly, it has become the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world… go figure. As you might expect, Hollywood has been knocking at Bil Keane’s door for years, trying to get the rights to make a Family Circus movie, but finally producer John Baldecchi (Deep Rising, The Mexican, Ultraviolet) managed to get a hold of him and negotiate a deal. Yep, that’s right… Billy, Dolly and the rest of the family are all coming to the big screen.

According to Deadline New York, there was a bidding war between studios, but the deal eventually went to Fox and Walden Media, the same folks behind the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia film. Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir (Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue) have been hired to pen the script. I can already envision this movie becoming a huge hit, although it’s interesting to note that Marmaduke didn’t do as well as Fox had hoped. All I know is that there better be a scene with Billy running around the house making a mess with a dotted line to show his path. That will be pretty hilarious… am I right? How excited are you for a Family Circus movie?

  • all I have to say is… lololololol

  • The CG dotted-line budget alone is gonna be CRAZY.

  • rjdelight

    I think Greg called this a while ago on the podcast.

  • Chris

    I’m about as excited for a Family Circus movie as I am for the comic in the paper every Sunday.

  • Braniff

    Who’s planning to see The Family Circus movie? NOT ME!!

    What’s the point of The Family Circus movie? IDA KNOW!!

  • Gary B

    What we need is mockbuster masters The Asylum to do a Dysfunctional family Circus film to ride it coat-tails.

    “Coming this summer, prepare for the poop to hold the tent where it is and to trip you nutsak in a frenzy of dikplay, because comedy has a new family.”

    featuring true Blood’s Nelsan Ellis is “Uncle” Roy Washington.