Film Junk Podcast Episode #289: The Social Network

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
8:40 – Headlines: John Carpenter Suffers a Seizure, Tony Gilroy to Direct The Bourne Legacy (Without Bourne), Zack Snyder to Direct Superman, Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Freddie Mercury, Mike Myers to Voice Pepe Le Pew, Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy, Star Wars 3-D Coming in 2012, Harry Potter Won’t Be in 3-D, Netflix Launches in Canada
36:00 – Review: The Social Network
59:38 – Trailer Trash: True Grit, The Fighter
1:07:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, Confessions of a Superhero, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, Eastbound & Down, Shit My Dad Says, The Defenders, Blue Bloods, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Nikita, Lost Girl, Defendor, Community: Season 1, Deadliest Catch: Season 3, Catfish, Daybreakers, Middletown, Sherlock, Harry Brown, The Runaways, The Blind Side, Repo Men, Exit Through The Gift Shop, This Movie is Broken, Waking Sleeping Beauty, Winter’s Bone, Convention, What Just Happened
2:00:25 – Junk Mail: Recent Classics, The Art of Drew Struzan, Canada Hates Drunk Driving, Hangout Films, Film School and Plasma Burn-In, Are Audiobooks Reading?, Jacob’s Ladder and Silent Hill, October Horror Recommendations, Why Classic Movies Get Good Reviews
2:35:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:38:00 – Outro

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  • Cy-Ed

    Finally!…that was the longest two weeks of my life

  • Cari

    Yeah, great to have the podcast back guys! Hope you had a good time, Sean.

  • Napalm

    Hells yeah! Two weeks felt like forever.

  • YES!!!!!! :D Im so glad Film Junk is finally back!!! P.S. I know it won’t happen but I thought i’d just throw it out there… but you guys should put the podcast on the same download place as RowThree because that place isn’t blocked at my school so I can listen to it here… :P lololololol

  • Regus

    I don’t get the love for Sports Night, I thought that was one of the most boring shows ever made.

  • alechs

    thanks for doing a podcast during thanksgiving weekend.

    I thought This Movie is Broken was terrible but I also watched it on Air Canada so it was hard to judge because of the setup.

  • On the topic of Netflix Instant Watch, the Canadian vs States experience is vastly different. In the RowThree “backroom” we’ve been talking about how the interface looks and site features and title availability. And very unfortunately it sounds like the Canadian version pretty much sucks ass compared to ours.

    Don’t know if it’s a rights issue or what, but have no idea why they wouldn’t make it the same experience.

    For starters, the quality here (at least on my TV at home) is awesome. Usually the newer the movie, the better it looks. But I watched Flame & Citron last night and it was better than DVD quality. Of course I watched Mad Dog Morgan last weekend and it was kind of rough (but I’m sure the DVD transfer isn’t that great to begin with).

    Second, we have like 10x more titles to choose from. If there is something older you’re looking for, it seems like you’ve got about a 40/60 chance of it being there. Right now a lot of the titles from last year are available (Star Trek, Hangover, Cloudy/Meatballs, etc.).

    Lastly, you guys in Canada don’t have the queue feature. Which is retarded. I like to search through all the titles and add things to my queue and then come back anytime, browse through the list I made up and watch the one I want when I’m ready.

    Hopefully you guys will get there eventually. Because as it stands now, I have more movies than I could possibly ever dream of watching. My queue right now has about 100 titles in there and grows all the time. So yeah, I can totally understand people getting rid of their cable/satellite providers around here… if they don’t care about news/sports, etc.

  • And what’s this about “going over your bandwidth?” You have a limit on how much you can download or stream or use the internet per month?

  • You guys rule so stoked to see a new episode pop up.

  • Fatbologna

    Yeah, Andrew, I’m a Canadian and I use Shaw as my service provider. I’m on their deluxe package and technically you’re only allowed like 150-200 GBs a month but I’ve heard of people using up to 400-500 and never getting a call. Seems to be a thing of the past in regards to limiting people but for some reason they still like to keep people worried about it. I remember having my internet cut off for a month because I used 160 GBs in a month after discovering NOT torrents.

    Maybe ISPs are still pretty hardcore about bandwidth out in Ontario but mine doesn’t seem to care anymore.

    Sean/Jay/Greg, Have you guys ever actually gone over and been punished for bandwidth abuse? I always assumed Jay was morally or at the very least aesthetically against torrents because they generally don’t look as good as DVD/Blu.

  • xego

    Good to have you back!

  • rjdelight

    I’m surprised that Sean and Greg didn’t notice the digital breath. It’s so poorly done that it actually got laughs from the audience when I saw it in the theater.

  • Glendon

    I’m surprised that Sean, Greg and Jay didn’t laugh at the phrase “Harry Brown”

  • JY

    RE: Jay’s Bandwidth Concerns:

    I also have Cogeco and they WILL charge you for exceeding your monthly limit (Its $2 per GB that you go over, if I’m not mistaken.)

    But they do have a feature on the website ( where you can monitor your daily usage. So, if your main concern is not knowing whether you’re over or not, you can just check it out there.


  • Huh. So I just looked into it and I too have a 250GB usage threshold each month. Since I’ve never come even close to that, I didn’t even realize there was a limit.

    Seriously. 250GB is a SHITLOAD of bandwidth. Unless I’m downloading a couple hundred hi-def movies per month, I think I’m okay.

    Carry on.

  • Mason

    Oh my god, Andrew James- I had no idea that the Canadian and US Netflix Instant Watch were so different. I was just going to post how much my wife and I love it (we’re in the US) and that Jay must have really high standards. We don’t have cable tv at all and pretty much get all our entertainment from Netflix, Hulu, and Blu-Ray/DVD discs.

    Here are some things I’ve watched: Cashback, The Running Man, Over the Top, Mary & Max, Star Trek (movies 1-7), Big, Black Dynamite, The Vanishing (original), The Fugitive, Triangle, Frantic, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome & Road Warrior, Vernon Florida, King Corn, Zombieland, Surrogates, every Dirty Harry movie, Streets of Fire, M. Hulot’s Holiday, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Rachel Getting Married…TV shows: Arrested Development, The Office, Futurama, Hoarders, Dexter, Man v. Food, The A-Team, Buffy, many non-fiction series, mini-series, and specials from PBS, BBC, The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel. Some things cycle in and out of being available. For instance just as I finished Party Down, Season 1, they removed both seasons from Instant Watch. They had all seasons of Lost a few months ago, now none are available (maybe so they can sell more DVDs).

    I’ve also been really impressed by the quality, but it does vary. Also, if Jay listed all the devices that stream instant view in Canada, there are many more that can be used here. There are a few brands of Blu-Ray players and HDTVs that can be plugged into an internet router to stream Netflix (see a list of them here: I think the best thing for Canadian subscribers to do is give your feedback and suggestions to Netflix. They always seem a company that will provide the services that the majority of their users want and demand, as long as it translates into more subscribers and profit for them.

  • Mason

    Correction: In the US, Season 5 of Lost is available, but no other season, and in the Dirty Harry movies, The Enforcer (#3 of 5 in the series) is not available, but all others are right now. Also available – every season of The X-Files.

  • Yeah I was checking out and I was blown away by how much more stuff is currently available on the U.S. Netflix. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering how much iTunes Canada sucks too.

  • welcome back Sean! I like how Greg called Sean on the facebook versus windshield wiper comment. really Sean, Facebook is that important to you?! I think you need to check yourself, facebook is already seeing a negative trend and could very easily be ‘old news’ this time next year. Hardly ground breaking. Maybe you are referring to social media in general – that I could see.

  • Yes I was referring to social media in general, the most popular and mainstream form of which is Facebook. To be honest, I rarely log in to Facebook personally, but the idea of social media has completely changed how our world works.

  • the social network was really good. I think Fincher is at the top of his game right now – just like Nolan. Be good to see the future projects of both.

    I really liked the crew competition scene with the long lens. its a great example of taking a very small scene, which is only there to readdress the “Winklevoss” loss and show them deciding to sue, and making it the most extravagant scene imaginable. In most cases this would be a waste of time and money, but here it serves the movie going experience by getting the audience out of repetitive conf. rooms and two person conversations in to a very rich, rarely seen environment of a Ivy League Crew Event.

    Fincher is a master of the insert shot and interesting places to stage boring exposition.

  • oh, can we finally move pass the using windows to write research and formulas. its becoming the “mechanical duct passageway” of this generation of filmmakers.

  • Karl Pilkington

    Soundtrack at intro and outro name plz?

  • The Beatles – Baby You’re a Rich Man
    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Magnetic

    FYI: They are always in the show notes.

  • Brendan

    I use Netflix in the States as well, it’s good. Although it should be said they still don’t have surround sound, so audio-wise it’s not as good as even a DVD.
    I was getting the Battlestar Galactica dvds by mail, but they just added all the seasons to instant watch (except “Razor”) so I switched over. Visually, it’s higher res and looks like a pretty decent bitrate, but I really noticed the lack of surround sound. But series TV definitely benefits from being able to watch anytime you want, so it’s worth the trade off for me.
    Speaking of TV, Greg, I remember My Secret Identity too, so it wasn’t only a Canadian thing (now that damn theme song is stuck in my head). Used to be on late Saturday mornings for me(I think it was a syndicated show). Ah, Dr. Jeffcoat. Is there anything you can’t invent?

  • Falsk

    Listening to you guys and your first experiences with Netflix is just precious. <3

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Great to hear you had a good time on the vacation Sean.

    The Liverpool mention in the podcast was hilarious. Greg – If Liverpool get relegated I will gladly pay for a night out at the Sundowner for you. However, you’d have to bring Reed along. Him at a strip club would be absolute GOLD.

    Kuyt is apparently out for year now as well.


  • Mark In Ottawa

    I meant to say – Kuyt is apparently out for the year now as well.

  • While I do find Netflix Canada’s selection disappointing, I think it features enough interesting stuff to warrant the 8$ per months fee. In fact, since I have too much time on my hands, I was able to find and list 86 films on there that I would be interested in seeing. Of course it’s a useless service for people who are very picky about what they watch; the more you’re adventurous and curious about films in general, the easier it will be to pick something from a limited selection.

    I have other major problems with the service, though. As Jay mentioned, some 2.35:1 films are stretched to fit widescreen TVs – same thing with some older films shot in 4:3 (The Exiles, for example.) I also encountered a few films (The Way of the Gun, American Psycho) that had been cropped from 16:9 to 4:3 and seemed to come from VHS tapes or regular TV broadcasts.

    The lack of communication is also a shame; the only way to get ahold of them is via telephone or very limited “report cards” about technical problems. In the states they have Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce new titles, films that will be deleted, updates, etc. The absence of a queue feature is also very unfortunate and hard to explain. Can’t really complain about the lack of french services since it’s supposedly on its way…

    Anyway, I’ll stick with it and see how it evolves.

    P.S. The digital breath was indeed really atrocious.

  • Jerome

    Did I really hear like FOUR podcasts this month where Jay said the same thing about Catfish for like 20 minutes?

  • one

    Wow You all gave 4 stars to the Social Network,the worst movie of the year….someone got a payoff.

  • Goon

    ^strange comment considering Social Network is on pretty much every top 10 list.