New Wonder Woman Live Action TV Series in the Works?

With the recent announcement that Zack Snyder will be directing a new Superman movie, potential news about another major DC Comics adaptation has been understandably overshadowed. There was a lot of speculation about the possibility of a new Wonder Woman movie back in July, with reports that David Goyer might finally bring the Amazon Princess to the big screen. That doesn’t appear to be happening, but last week news started to leak out about something else: a brand new Wonder Woman TV series. It turns out Warner Brothers Television is developing a new live action take for the small screen, and they’ve enlisted the help of an unexpected heavy hitter: David E. Kelley, creator of such legal dramas as Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and The Practice.

While it remains to be seen if Diana will be a lawyer in this new version (maybe Kelley should take on She-Hulk instead), the show will be in a contemporary setting rather than a WWII-era period piece. It kind of makes sense that they would opt to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen; after all, the 1970s TV series starring Lynda Carter remains the most well-known version of the character to date. There is a sense that comic book movies fronted by women heroes are always destined to fail (ie. Elektra), but there have been several successful action-oriented TV shows that focus on female protagonists such as Alias and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Perhaps they will use the show to build up momentum and then give the feature film another try a few years later. I just hope they don’t turn this into another Smallville-esque “young Wonder Woman” show. What do you think, is television the ideal medium for a new Wonder Woman adaptation?

  • Mike

    Sounds like a replacement for smallville. Also, Megan Fox needs this role as bad as it needs her.

  • Maopheus

    Hell, Megan Fox needs any role at this point. I just don’t know about WW. They keep talking about, but there are inherent challenges to the project. Pretty obvious that whoever is chosen will be compared forever to Lynda Carter. Also the overall premise is horribly cheesy. They might end up toughening up the character and removing the overly cheesy aspects so much that it’s unrecognizable. Also, when’s the last comic book superheroe TV series other than Smallville? Just seems to be about 15 years too late. It might have worked back then on one of the lower 3 networks. I think TV viewers’ tastes are too sophisticated now.

  • trevor

    Ashley Newbrough is wonder woman ! shes hot and tall and she was great on the CW! Ashley Newbrough should be wonder woman shes 23 and could go a long way with David E Kelly writing!

  • Garrett

    Without strong acting and writing this will be a flop. Remember the new Bionic Woman last year??

  • Ryan

    i know im not a DC fan but i would like a wonderwoman tv series it would show how good and new she is i want to see if she is the strong woman as in the the comics

  • David

    It’s a much better idea to have Wonder Woman as a TV series than as a movie. If written correctly, it doesn’t have to be cheesy, and movie/TV adaptations frequently change things such as origins

  • Dana

    Well Megan Fox doesn’t posses the look of innocence yet prowess that Lynda Carter did. I think Madeline Zima could pull this off with taste and class. She could also stand up to being an icon for millions of American females as Carter did. As for Megan Fox if she isn’t smart enough to see the role for what it is then she shouldn’t be in it… Period…. we want intelligence in our icons.

  • Christian Rivera

    I would like to see Angelina jolie as Wonder Woman,,,with Steven Spielberg and J.J Abrams directing,,,wooouuu ! thats going to be the best Wonder Woman movie…about a TV show humm ! no..maybe latter…if they do it on present days she need to be super strong because the time that we are living,,she really need to know how to fight,,,and maybe a little change on her costume…..What do you think ?

  • RDW1455

    The perfect woman to play WONDER WOMAN is none other than
    Natasha Henstridge. She has everything Linda Carter had and then some. She is 5’10 inches tall. Built like Linda Carter and knows martial arts. She’s a natural for the part!
    All you would have to do is dye her hair black and you would have the perfect Wonder Woman. Please consider her if your a producer looking for the perfect woman for this part!
    My family and I would watch thats for sure.