Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man Reboot

As Aaron reported last week, the success of Easy A has made actress Emma Stone even more highly sought after in Hollywood, and now it looks like she has officially landed the biggest role of her career. Yesterday Columbia Pictures confirmed that Stone will play the main love interest in their upcoming Spider-Man reboot. What is surprising, however, is the fact that she will not be playing Mary Jane Watson, but rather Peter Parker’s first love, blonde bombshell Gwen Stacy. It turns out Emma Stone is a natural blonde, and not a redhead as previously seen in Superbad, or a brunette as in Zombieland. OMG!

Word on the street is that Mary Jane will not appear in the first film, so there will be no love triangle present. Clearly they are trying to distance themselves from Sam Raimi’s trilogy as much as possible. As we already know, the new Spider-Man movie will take Peter Parker back to high school, and Andrew Garfield is playing Spidey himself. According to director Marc Webb, “the chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning.” That’s good news, but more importantly, Stone seems to be one of a few young actresses that has built up a lot of goodwill with the teenage male demographic. Could it be that we’re finally getting a comic book movie where fanboys won’t be seething with hate for the love interest? I guess we’ll have to wait until July 3rd, 2012 to find out.

  • Steve

    Someone please remind me why a Spider-Man reboot was necessary. For better or worse, the 3rd one is still very fresh in my mind. Toby Maguire’s still young and kicking. I have so many questions.

    -As a reboot, are they going to recycle the villains? It’ll be boring to see Green Goblin/Doc Ock/etc a second time.

    -If not. Does this mean they’ll have to stick with the lower-tier (and kind of campy) villains aka The Lizard? Rhino?

    -How is the canon maintained? Is this going to pretend the other movies didn’t exist at all?

    I think it’s quite obvious at this stage that there wasn’t any reason to ‘reboot’ this franchise other than to make a bucketload of cash.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Sean’s back, and the first thing he says is OMG!

    No seriously, I missed you, Sean. filmjunk famine is not much fun. : (

  • Werner

    Moneywise I’m happy for Emma Stone (and of course we can call us happy for every chance to see her on the big screen). But I hope she also will keep doing the more independent or smaller movies. Would be sad to see another talent being wasted in a shallow big-bang-boom franchise.

    And WELCOME BACK SEAN – we missed you :)

  • Ben


    A reboot was necessary because, as far as staying true to the comics goes, the Raimi films were awful. I don’t, however, have much hope for the reboot either though. Stone’s casting is really the first thing that’s given me some hope.

  • Ben, excellent point on the reboot. With the Avengers and Capt seemingly being done right (perhaps even better if they go down the Ultimates route).

    I too hope they don’t recycle the villains – they should get Kraven the Hunter in there. That’d be cool.

    The only thing that slightly depresses me about the reboot so far is if the movie is definitely without Raimi at the realm, I can’t look forward to the usual Bruce Campbell cameo!

  • Welcome back from the trip.

  • Thanks Senor G.