Zack Snyder To Direct New Superman Film

The long wait over who will direct Warner Bros. upcoming Superman reboot is over. Zack Snyder has earned the high-profile gig, a choice that is sure to generate much discussion among fans. A majority of Snyder’s films (300, Watchmen, etc.) have been made with Warner Bros., so the decision doesn’t come as a surprise in that regard. What may puzzle some is how Snyder’s style, typically dark and gritty, will mesh with a property that’s traditionally much lighter in tone. Naturally, Warner has this project set at a high priority, but not just because it’s a tentpole release. The studio needs to start production on a new Superman movie by 2011 or risk losing some copyrights to the heirs of the character’s creators, so there’s motivation to move ahead.

Of course, it’s well known that Christopher Nolan is overseeing the film and it will be interesting to see how much of his style permeates the final product with Snyder’s bold aesthetics in play. While little is known about the story right now, we do know that General Zod will be the villain. Frequent Nolan collaborator David Goyer is writing the script. What are your thoughts on Zack Snyder as the director of the new Superman? Will we get a film filled with speed-ramping and brutal violence or do you think Snyder will branch out from his usual bag of tricks?

  • Mike

    i dont think there has been a good Superman Movie to date, so maybe Superman needs “speed-ramping and brutal violence”.

    Also, any idea if this will be set in present day or not? i feel like the reason Superman hasn’t worked on the big screen is because it the movies are set in modern day, but the idea of Superman, including it’s strong morals seems to only fit in the era that the comic books were initially written.

    Either way, i will see this, so they’ll make a ton of money.

  • rjdelight

    Snyder is a decent choice I guess, but I would have loved to see Tong Scott get the job. Apparently Scott was the number 2 choice.

  • I’m so Happy. =)

  • Derek


  • theman

    this is a pretty safe choice on the surface. I kinda hope they give Routh another shoot.

  • Rob

    Hell no about giving Routh another shot. They definitely need to separate themselves from Superman Returns. Having Routh would be too confusing. Plus he was just a second rate clone of Reeve. It’s time for something closer to the comics. Time to forget about previous movies. No more homages please!
    Snyder is a great choice. He is great about being faithful to the source material. The comics.

  • anton

    I’m interested.

  • I hope he sets in the next Superman in the 1930s where it belongs.

    The man of tomorrow should be set in the past.

  • rjdelight

    Routh got screwed. I’m not say he’s the best for the role, but you got to feel for the guy. He comes out of nowhere to land such a big role and probably thought it was going to set him up for life. What ends up happening? He does one movie that isn’t that well received and now they’re rebooting the series again. Dude didn’t even get a sequel out of the deal.

  • Mike

    I say Don Draper for the man of steel.

  • kyri

    Zack Snyder is a Great choice. Don Draper would indeed be an interesting Superman Mike but I do think however that the next MAN OF STEEL is going to be either Matthew Goode or Patrick Wilson..

    note to Zack:

    -Go nuts!

  • Mike

    the guy from weezer?

  • Brendan

    I liked Watchmen for the most part, but I’m not sure how well he’ll work on this. I’ve only seen Watchmen and some of Dawn of the Dead (I liked what I saw of it) so I don’t have too strong of an idea of his overall directorial style. It’d be too easy to say Superman will look like Watchmen or 300 stylistically, but we don’t even know what the tone of the script is at this point.
    This is also the first confirmation I’ve heard of General Zod being the main villain. I’m not crazy about that. It’s not that I don’t think he can be a good character, it’s just that we’ve already seen him in two Superman films, so it feels like another rehash of the originals. I didn’t even know until I Googled it that Zod wasn’t just created for the movies, and I imagine most people have that same idea as well. Maybe they’ll add some other super characters in supporting roles (not too many, though).

  • rjdelight

    @ Kyri and Mike

    Something tells me they’re going way younger than those guys.

  • Mr.Nobody

    If Superman is really about justice, he should destroy the US military. They have been the primary terrorist state in the world!

  • @Kommin

    so i was just fall into that web-window (accidentally)and besides the left-winged ideals,i honoured my comic book fan side by reading most comments…And what gives,i actually find someone who says exactly what i would have!Mr.Nobody you re sooo right.And aparently superman does stands up against the imperial-kapitalistic America at the end of the DARK KNIGHT RETURNS2(DKR2)by Frank Miller,ofcourse..although this would never get to become a moovie,since the source of those moovies,is the system
    as it is…….

  • Steve

    Am I the only person who genuinely enjoyed Superman Returns? I thought it was quite touching and well-made. It didn’t make a tonne of money and the casting was fairly spot-on.

    Are they going to have to recast Clark Kent all over again?

  • Rob

    You are the only person who liked it, yeah. An emo, cucklold, creepy stalker Superman? No thanks.

  • Jay

    I also felt I was the only one who enjoyed “Superman Returns”. I don’t understand why most people did not? It had that feel good Superman to it. I thought Bryan Singer did a pretty good job with it. I liked the Superman’s kid being thrown in there…time for a change. Brandon Routh played the part very well. I don’t know any other actor who could fill Superman’s shoes. Tom Welling plays Clark Kent really well on “Smallville”, but I wouldn’t want to see him play the part in Superman. Plus, Zack Synder makes dark films. I could have sworn why people didn’t like “Superman Returns”, was because it was too “dark”. Zack Synder also put a lot of nudity in his films too, though I love seeing nudity, it is not something for Superman and not for a child to see. If Brandon Routh is not Superman, then I will have no desire to see this…I’m sure Zack will find a way to screw up Superman, and another Superman fan will have been let down.

  • Maopheus

    I got no clue about Snyder directing Superman. We won’t know anything until we either hear more about casting, general plot, and then maybe not even until the first trailer comes out. There’s so many ways to go with Supes. Do you go ’30’s period? Modern day? Supes starting out young? An already established Supes a la “Returns”? I like the choice of a super-powered villain. He does fall into the “villain as evil mirror image of the hero” cliche but he’s from the pantheon so I’ll accept it.

  • Maopheus

    After thinking about it, I would go all-out 1930’s look. Make it like Sky Captain with the color correction and the whole look. It would be like the visual version of the old radio serials which I used to have on LP. They’re probably not going as they want to tie it into (sort of) the Reeve/Routh storyline. I would rather not, but I think the producers will go safe with it. It probably makes it more accessible and franchise-friendly. But I just find Superman set in modern times to not be too believable. The character is almost too old-fashioned and seems more suited to a world that was just coming out of the Depression and about to go into a World War.

  • kent

    I hope someone at Warner Bros. reads all of the comments on this site. Superman was the first superhero that I encountered when I was a Kid. For some reason he was the only REAL superhero. Now I guess I am kind of a unofficial Superman Historian. It’s the first story about an alien from another planet that came to live with us and save us instead of destroying us. Earth is his home planet now and U.S.A. is his country.
    Here is a list of things that I would like the people at Warner Bros. to at least take a look at before doing any more damage to the Superman franchise.

    1. Brandon should remain Superman, the new Superman costume is a really nice evolution.
    2. Superman should be seen as a God-like savior of Earth, Not a week lovesick puppy.
    3. Remember, Clark Kent is Superman’s secret I.D. Not the other way around.
    4. Superman is both an unstoppable force and a immovable object. He has absolute power and knows nothing of self doubt.
    5. Superman stands for “Truth, Justice, and THE AMERICAN WAY” !!!! He is after all a naturalized American citizen who loves his country.
    6. Show us the Superman of today and beyond. Everybody knows Superman’s origins. He is after all the first superhero EVER.
    7. Superman is a BAD ASS, show that to everyone in the theaters.
    8. Less of Kent, More of Superman doing his thing. Please see #3.
    9. Please give Superman a super enemy that will push him to all of his limits.
    10. Lex Luther is supposed to be totally mentally disturbed, insane, unstable, and ruthless, yet his intelligence is beyond calculation. Like the Joker with a brain, less hair, more money, and a plan.
    11. Lois Lane needs to be really Hot, Like 11 out of 10 hot, swim suit model hot. Not some single mom.
    12. Superman is NOT a DADDY.
    13. Superman is to be shining example to all mankind.