Tony Gilroy To Direct Next Bourne Film

Tony Gilroy

Back in June, we learned that writer/director Tony Gilroy had been brought back to write a fourth Bourne film, having previously worked on the first three. Now it’s reported that Gilroy will also be directing the film tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy for Universal. With previous series director Paul Greengrass out of the picture, Gilroy seems like a logical choice, having proved himself behind the camera with Michael Clayton. Of course, the question that remains is: will Matt Damon return to the franchise? He’s stated numerous times that if Greengrass didn’t return, he wouldn’t either. The film is certainly a high priority for Universal, though, so we’ll see how big of a deal they throw at him to reprise his part. Deadline says that “Universal plans to make the film, even if it has to replace Damon.”

While I have no doubt in Tony Gilroy’s abilities as a writer or director, I’m still not sure where this series will go now, storywise. The basic story arch was wrapped up nicely in The Bourne Ultimatum, I thought. Still, I won’t discount the film’s potential so early on. A new and interesting story arch could be established, starting a new trilogy for all we know. What do you think of Tony Gilroy taking over the directing duties on The Bourne Legacy? Would Matt Damon’s exit from the series make or break your interest in the film?

  • Brendan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Damon comes back. I think he can be properly enticed.
    If they can’t get him, though, the franchise takes a huge hit. I wouldn’t really be interested if Damon wasn’t Bourne.

  • Colleen

    If Matt Damon does not return I would not be interested in seeing any more Bourne movies. Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne.