Greg’s 2010 TIFF Report: Day 9

They say all good things must come to an end. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but I suppose ‘they’ are right. TIFF is over. It’s been a long 9 days and I’m exhausted. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing good ol’ Jackson Square again.

Before I get into it, I should clear up something. It was brought to my attention by one person, that I actually neglected to mention the name of the brilliant Darren Aronofsky ballet film I saw last night. It was called Black Swan. This leads me to believe one of three things happened. 1) All of you already knew the name of the movie, 2) Since it’s the weekend no one has spent much time in front of the computer, or 3) No one gives a shit about what I have to say. I think it’s mostly 3, but like every other great asshole in the world, I don’t care. I will continue.

As most of you know, my cell phone fell out of my pocket on a cab ride on Friday night, so I had to go get a new one today. Why was in a cab? Well, I was being a good person. I had been waiting for the bus for quite some time to take me back to the place that I’m staying at here in Toronto. It was almost 4am and I had been waiting a good half hour. There was a girl waiting as well. After some chit chat and bitching about the transit system here, I asked how far up Bloor she was going. The street she said was just two or three up from where I was going. I told her that I was grabbing a cab and asked if wanted to come along. My treat. We hopped in and talked about this and that until we got to her street. She got out, said thanks and I continued on to where I was going. At some point, either getting in or getting out, my phone fell out of my hoodie pocket (Thanks UAS) and that was that. Anyway, I got a new a new one today for free from Bell and I was pretty stoked. That made me late for my first film Sarah’s Key. A French film adaption of the very popular novel of the same name. The Ryerson theatre is massive, but the problem is that I can fit in about 10% of the seats. It is absolutely brutal for leg room and at 6’4″, I need my leg room. I took a look in the theatre and saw that I was out of luck and just left. Balls.

I went back to W Burger Bar for lunch and hit on the hot waitress there. I gave her my card. Cross your fingers. No dice yet on Annie. Maybe she reads the blog and decided I was a prick.

I did have one movie today and it was the new one from director Robert Redford called The Conspirator. It was about the trial of the woman who was accused of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. Mary Surrat ran a boarding home where the group of men (including her son) led by John Wilkes Booth lived and held meetings on how they were going to kidnap the President. Wilkes ended up having his own agenda and murdered Lincoln instead. There was never any proof that Mary Surrat knew what was going on as all of the evidence was clearly fabricated. However, because the Nation was still fighting the Civil War, the government made it impossible for Mary Surrat to be found innocent and she was put to death for the crimes of her son. The movie had a good cast with James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, that guy who’s dating Drew Barrymore and that Irish guy who played the father in The Commitments and also ran the teleporter on the Star Trek show in the 90’s. This movie was average. It just wasn’t that interesting. Now, if they made it so that Lincoln was saved by Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan then we’d have an interesting movie. You know, now would be the perfect time to make Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3 with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

And so it ends. Another year of TIFF. The 15th anniversary.

Best of the Fest:

1) Black Swan
2) Let Me In
3) I Saw the Devil
4) Tabloid
5) Trigger

Here’s to another 15.

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  • bard

    I haven’t commented on any of the TIFF Reports Greg, but I have been enjoying them quite a bit. You should do more articles on FilmJunk, that is if you have the time. Sounds like you’re a busy guy… although, never too busy to hit on girls.

    I can’t wait to see Black Swan though.

  • Cari

    where’s this week’s podcast guys? I’m being totally unproductive at work today due to the lack of podcast….

  • We’re recording tonight.

  • Jay

    I care what you have to say Gregg!!

  • Cari

    Thanks Sean! Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear the black swan review

  • q*

    W Burger bar is phenomenal…

  • Film Ape

    Fantastic group of articles. Easily the most interesting TIFF report out there. Thanks for doing this Greg.

  • hey Greg,
    Speaking of Bill & Ted check out the latest news from IMDB on the possibility of a part 3.

  • Darksiders

    Black Swan full review please

  • Greg, I’m going to take the bait. The actor in The Conspirator is Colm (pronounced “column”) Meaney. And it’s a transporter, not a teleporter!

  • Steini

    Hey Greg, I don’t know if it makes you feel any better but I really enjoyed reading your reports. The little sidestories, mostly about hitting on girls :D, make it even more fun and I like your style of writing.

    Greetings from Germany,