Hobo with a Shotgun Trailer Starring Rutger Hauer

With one movie based on a fake Grindhouse trailer hitting theatres this weekend, and Eli Roth in the process of fleshing out another one, believe it or not, there is also a third Grindhouse spin-off getting a feature film as well — and no, I’m not talk about Edgar Wright’s Don’t. Back in 2007, certain prints of Grindhouse also had another trailer attached for a movie called Hobo with a Shotgun. The trailer was directed by Jason Eisener, and earned its spot as the winner of a SXSW fake trailer contest held by Rodriguez himself. Now Eisener is turning Hobo with a Shotgun into a real movie, and the first teaser trailer is playing with Machete this weekend.

For the feature-length version, Eisener managed to recruit Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) in the lead role, but it does not quite have the same star-studded cast as, say, Machete. However, what it lacks in star power, it makes up for in pure authenticity. This thing looks every bit as low budget and ridiculously violent as the exploitation movies it seeks to emulate. A release date still has yet to be announced, but shooting has wrapped and the movie is currently in post-production. For more info, stay tuned to the official website; now check out the all new unrated teaser trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun after the jump!

  • Fans of Trailer Park boys will note “RICKY” getting decapitated in this trailer. NIIIICE.

  • Zoo

    I wonder if the hobo got the shopping cart from Bubbles?

  • Brendan

    Finally, a film that combines my love of hobos with my love of shotguns!

  • Fatbologna

    I came, shat and puked at the same time. That=GOOD!

  • I need to take a shower, so much blood in this trailer that came here. =)

  • Joe

    greatest title for a movie EVER

  • Steve

    And here I thought Rutger Hauer was too fancy for this type of thing. I’ve never seen more tomato juice substituting for blood in 2 minutes.

  • Fatbologna

    “And here I thought Rutger Hauer was too fancy for this type of thing.”

    You obviously don’t know your Hauer, my friend! Check out Blind Fury, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Split Second, Salute of the Jugger, Flesh and Blood, The Hitcher, Surviving the Game, Crossworlds, Bleeders etc. etc.

    Guy’s a genre badass! I couldn’t be more happy to see him back in this type pf flick! Seeing him in Batman Begins got me excited that he was still kickin’ but this shit is my own personal wet dream!


  • Now this I must see.

  • swarez

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Jason is tops and his shorts are fucking awesome. Youtube Treevenge, it’s a classic.

  • Niklas

    this could be fun.. don’t like the colours in the trailer though

  • It looks – *feels* – like vintage John Carpenter.

  • MGL

    Godveredomme vette kankershit!! Deze film ga ik echt 100% checken. Hauer jij bent mijn man. Echt schijtende heftig!


    I’m gonna see this movie 100%. Hauer rules!

  • Aaron

    I can’t wait for this!

  • Now that looks awesome. Rutger Hauer is the bomb.

  • citizen

    If you look at the walkway behind Rutger to the right, that’s where I stood looking down at him during the the filming of the last scene..he looked straight up at me..so cool