For Your Consideration: Piranha 3D

The good people at Funny or Die are at it again, producing yet another laugh-inducing video. This time the stars of Piranha 3D have assembled to state their case for Oscar consideration. “Hollywood Treasure” Jerry O’Connell leads off the delightfully tongue-in-cheek video by proclaiming Piranha 3D his most serious film. Others, such as Adam Scott, Paul Scheer, and Kelly Brook make some compelling arguments for the film (What are you gonna do, nominate Inception 10 times?). Now this is the kind of movie promotion I like to see. Along with providing some good one-liners, the video once again lets people know the film isn’t aiming to be anything more than what it is: a campy good time. Take a look at the video after the jump.

  • “another laugh-inducing video”


  • Double_A


    Very funny but I think Adam Scott has all the best lines (“Watch your back Pixar.”). Is it me or is he the new Griffin Dunne?

  • Jonny Ashley

    I think in this case the “Tell, don’t show” method does better to sell me on this movie than seeing the trailer would. I’m interested now.

  • #1 Amen to that brother.

  • Werner

    AWESOME!!!!!! Now I wanna see the movie.

  • Film Ape

    I am sure Piranha 3D will be nominated, but The Last Airbender will win the award for best penis Being
    gobbled and spit out in 3D

  • This movie is pretty freaking terrible.

  • DavidM