Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary I’m Still Here Trailer

After following the development of Casey Affleck’s Joaquin Phoenix documentary over the past year or two, I have been pretty curious to see what the final product will be like. You may remember hearing about some of Phoenix’s strange public appearances last year, including a seemingly awkward interview with David Letterman, and his attempt to quit acting in order to start a rap career. This was all essentially staged for the film I’m Still Here, and while I was fascinated and amused at the time, I think he played it straight for so long that people just stopped caring after a while. The release of the actual film feels like it’s coming a bit late, as if the joke has been dead for a while now.

Magnolia Pictures have finally released a teaser trailer for the film, and it still maintains an air of mystery about the whole thing. It consists of short clips set to a tongue-in-cheek voiceover spouting philosophical nonsense about Phoenix’s situation. Part of me thinks this is trying to be like Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat or Bruno, only using a real person to stage public pranks. But will this actually play for laughs, or is it meant to be a serious meditation on the nature of celebrity? I guess I’m still curious enough to check it out, but I have no idea what the general response will be. I’m Still Here hits select theatres on September 10th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • mike from buffalo

    I don’t think the voice over is philosophical nonsense. The documentary maybe but the idea that at life’s lowest peak brings out a spiritual clarity, to me, is true.

    How this applies to Joaquin remains to be seen but the trailer seems to indicate his struggle with fame and what that means. Maybe it’s all a bit on the shallow side but it’s the same territory that Sophia Coppola, Robert Altman and Ben Stiller tread in with their respective movies.

  • “How this applies to Joaquin remains to be seen but the trailer seems to indicate his struggle with fame and what that means.”

    -there is nothing in this trailer that communicates any depth to this idea or subject; Joaquin doesn’t even speak! if this is what he is trying to do either he failed, or, the trailer failed. either way it is a pass, and a great example of an actor’s pretentious bullshit

  • MGL

    Looks like the new TeenWolf to me.

  • Colin

    Rus, I thought it was pretty clear that the visual dialog, along with the narration and music, was trying to get across “a struggle with fame” for Joaquin. Or at least a meditation on his celebrity.

    I’d agree it doesn’t come across as particularly deep in these 61 seconds, but without yet knowing if it’s just a huge gag, I think it’s a bit premature to label it pretentious bullshit.

  • juan

    i get it this is the new borat

  • Scott

    Yeah I definitely don’t feel this to be a mockumentary at all, looks more like he lost himself in the fame, and subsequently lost sight of who he was, and this film is about that.