Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void Trailer

If you thought Step Up 3D looked trippy, well, you might want to brace yourself before clicking on the trailer for Gaspar Noe’s upcoming film Enter the Void. After just a few seconds of this video, you’ll feel your pulse start to pound in your head while your eyes dilate to the size of quarters. Okay maybe it’s not quite that crazy, but I had previously watched the opening credit sequence that leaked online a while back, and it all but sent me into epileptic shock. Now, with IFC Films giving the movie a theatrical release next month, a proper domestic trailer has hit the web.

Noe is a French director best known for his controversial 2002 film Irreversible, which may feature some of the most disturbing violence ever put to celluloid. This looks like another assault on the senses, but of a slightly different sort. The story involves a drug dealer and his sister living in a Tokyo red light district who lose themselves in a binge of sex and drugs. Every year there are one or two films that present themselves as a daunting yet irresistible challenge, and against my better judgment, I definitely look forward to eventually taking this one in. Enter the Void hits select theatres on September 24th; watch the trailer in HD over at or check out an embedded version after the jump.

  • chances of incest – 100%

  • Marc

    I can’t wait for the 10 minute long rape scene!

  • Jonny Ashley

    fuck my eyes, ow. looks good

  • It LOOKS stunning. I’m afraid it might be another Requiem For a Dream, ie ‘that film was great; never, ever want to see it again’.

  • Theman

    chances of incest – 100%

    I like those odds!!!

  • pcch7

    that trailer just fucked my eyes.. I wanna see it