Unstoppable Trailer Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine

After directing last year’s remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Tony Scott is back riding the rails again with a new action thriller called Unstoppable. The concept seems pretty similar to the Keanu Reeves classic Speed, except that there is no Dennis Hopper masterminding the whole operation. In this case, we have a train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals that accidentally goes out of control, heading straight for a city. The story is supposedly inspired by true events.

Tony Scott has once again chosen to team up with Denzel Washington, playing a heroic working class engineer who takes matters into his own hands. Chris Pine is a young conductor who reluctantly tags along, while Rosario Dawson plays a dispatch operator of some sort. I’m not quite sure how this idea will stretch out over 90 minutes without getting dull, but I certainly trust Tony Scott to smash up a lot of stuff along the way. Unstoppable hits theatres on November 12; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Napalm

    i’m tired of these movies.

  • Henrik

    From the director of Man On Fire, Man VS Train!

  • Derek

    Looks good. If you’re tired of it, don’t watch the shit.

  • Ben

    Tired of what movies?

    It’s funny, this is a film that is neither remake, sequel, reboot, etc. and someone still has to bitch.

  • please oh please, let them use the mechanical growl from Duel!!!

  • I got to work as a stand-in and extra for a few days on this film when it shot last fall in Pittsburgh. Mostly, I was around for the boardroom stuff (briefly seen in the trailer) where the railroad execs do the typical “Who cares about human life, we’re going to lose MILLIONS!” freakout. Tony Scott was AWESOME, and as boring as that boardroom stuff had to be when compared to all the train scenes (I got to see a bunch of finished footage that the execs are supposed to react to), the smaller scenes let you get more face time with the crew, which led to getting invited back for more work. Sweeeeeeeet. It’s a pretty interesting 2nd job if you can get it!

  • Nick

    Can never go wrong with Denzel!.. Story seems very interesting. Will def. see!