Jackass 3D Trailer

I really don’t think this post needs much in the way of an introduction, but let me just repeat the facts: Jackass 3D is happening, and it’s coming to theatres this October! Either you’re in or you’re out… and I’m way in. The first trailer has just hit the web and it definitely delivers. Although you can’t quite get the full experience by watching it on your 2D computer screen, you can see where the third dimension will add to the comedy.

Believe it or not, Johnny Knoxville and his cronies have not yet run out of ways to hurt each other, and the stunts continue to get bigger and better with every installment. Call it mindless or depraved if you want, but the simple truth is that there won’t be a movie to come out this year with more guaranteed laughs. Jackass 3D hits theatres on October 15th; check out the trailer after the jump and tell us what you think!

  • Jonny Ashley

    oh man… sold.

  • Ben

    Not sold. Can’t stand Jackass

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I’d actually pay extra money to see this in 3D at the theater.

  • “Not sold. Can’t stand Jackass” <—- cosign. Though, with me, it's more an aversion to revisit played out 90s comedy. Jackass in 2010 is as unwelcome as an Austin Powers – IN EXCITING 3D – sequel would be right now.

  • Matt

    When I’m not busy watching black and white foreign films from pre-1970… I’m watching the Jackass movies

  • I watched the /film guys video review immediately after seeing it at comic-con: 3D, SUPER SLOW-MO, HIGH DEF, SHIT TOUCHING PEOPLES MOUTHS

  • swarez

    Hells yeah. Giant hand was awesome.

  • Schmidty

    This is going to be hilarious, kinda upset with how the last jackass turned out i believe it was Jackass 2.5 but this looks great.

  • jesus christ

    i just cam

  • jesus christ

    mr edwards i see u