Quentin Tarantino to Direct The Shadow?

Well, there’s nothing like a little QT dirt to get people talking. There’s an odd rumour floating around today that hints at a surprising project Quentin Tarantino may be considering for his next movie, and it’s not a western or a gangster flick, nor is it Kill Bill Vol. 3. Instead, it appears that he may now be attached to direct a new take on the classic pulp hero The Shadow for 20th Century Fox. Could there be any truth to this story, or is it just another internet fabrication?

The news comes courtesy of Pajiba and their mysterious inside source The Hollywood Cog, who seems to have a decent track record when it comes to this stuff. We know that Sam Raimi was supposed to be producing this movie and that David Slade was also rumoured to be directing at one point, so how did Tarantino suddenly get involved? It’s unclear why he would be interested, but according to the report, he is now attached as a director and co-writer, and there are on-going discussions to make it official.

Tarantino is obviously passionate about many different genres, but I don’t know if 1930s radio serials are something he has ever mentioned being a fan of. Granted, he did direct a movie called Pulp Fiction and we know he likes crime novels, so maybe there’s something to that. It would be the first time Tarantino takes on a non-original franchise property of some sort, although he has adapted an existing work before with Jackie Brown (which was based on Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch) and he expressed interest in doing a Bond movie once upon a time. What do you think, is The Shadow something you could see him directing, and would you be interested in it?

  • I doubt it wholeheartedly. Stuff gets said. Doesn’t come about. Would be fun though.

  • what is up with that photoshop?!

  • Derek

    I thought Sam Rami was gonna be the director.
    I’ve loved all of QT’s movies (even)Death Proof; but something tells me that a movie like The Shadow, would be better off with, Rami behind the directors chair.

  • Jonny Ashley

    some kind of… game of death… pig hoof… quentin tarantino samurai sword

  • Marc

    I’m pretty much willing to watch anything QT does. Bring it on!

  • swarez

    I don’t think this will happen. Although it would be nice to see him tackle something like this.

  • Nothing beats the original with Alec Baldwin. It was unintentionally one of the funniest movies of all time.

  • pcch7

    I´d rather have a western.