Catfish Trailer

Although we weren’t able to attend the Sundance Film Festival back in February, one of the many intriguing movies that I kept hearing about from this year’s festival was a film called Catfish. The unassuming title did not do much to catch my attention initially, and since the film screened under the Documentary Spotlight, I am guessing that a lot of other people probably overlooked it as well. However, it started to build buzz and ended up getting picked up by Rogue Pictures, which is strange, because they are generally known for horror films. Now that they’ve released the first official trailer on Apple, there is no mention of the fact that it is a documentary; the genre is listed simply as “Thriller”.

The vague synopsis explains that filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost began to document an online relationship that was developing between Ariel’s brother Nev and a girl that he met on the internet. They eventually decided to take a road trip from New York to rural Michigan to meet her, at which point they discovered something that was both “shocking” and “unsettling”. The trailer is also pretty elusive, but it does a great job of setting up the mystery and leaves you dying to find out what happens next. The fact that this is a real documentary makes it even more intriguing, although the way the trailer is structured almost leads you to believe it is fake. Either way, I am sold. Catfish hits select theatres on September 17th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Phil


    This looks amazing, what could the twist be? A serial killer who pretends to be an amazing woman online to lure people?

    Something less extreme?

    Wierd wierd wierd

    I will see this for sure. This is an excellent trailer!

  • Ben

    It’s a fake doc a la Blair Witch. I’m calling it now.

  • kris

    Yeah, clearly this is fake. If it isn’t, I wouldn’t expect much from the final forty minutes.

  • kris

    But it looks interesting.

  • Ben

    Yeah. Fake or not, my interest is piqued.

  • Will

    If anyone doesn’t mind having those last 45 minutes or whatever spoiled…

    You can read a summary of the films events here:

  • Napalm

    wow! i’m hooked! they did a great thing by not spoiling anything. will definitely be checking this one out.

    also, shame on people trying to go out of their way to find what the mystery is. just watch the movie when it drops.

  • Bryan

    I got chills when they arrived at the farm or whatever. Definitely interested. Kind of lame that they have to put “the last 40 minutes blah blah”. If they just left it open that something happens, that would have been better in my opinion. Still, I will try and check this out.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked about this one!!

    I kinda wish “The Social Network” looked more like this and less like a bad Bret Easton Ellis movie adaptation.