Film Junk Podcast Episode #280: Countdown to Zero

0:00 – Intro
3:50 – Headlines: Comic-Con Stabbing, Guillermo Del Toro to Direct The Haunted Mansion, David Goyer to Direct Wonder Woman?, Darth Vader Robs a Bank, Are Audiences Losing Interest in 3-D?
17:35 – Review: Countdown to Zero
40:00 – Trailer Trash: Tron: Legacy
44:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Lucky, Vinyl, I, Curmudgeon, Lovable, A Hard Name, Mother, Cleanflix, Black Narcissus, South of the Border, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Trap, Seinfeld, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, Red Sonja, A Fistful of Fingers, 8: The Mormon Proposition
1:42:45 – Junk Mail: Hans Mother Remix, Inception / La Vie en Rose Connection, Why Inception Sucked, Inception Plot Holes, Armond White on Inception, Totems, Favourite Composers, Film Junk t-shirts, Reed’s Name, Murder on a Sunday Morning, Paradise Lost 3
2:10:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:13:25 – Outro

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  • Henrik

    Mmm Charlotte… Seemed a bit silent this time around though. Great episode.

  • what, nice surprise?! no Salt, hear its very fun….

  • Niklas

    I agree with everything charlotte said about inception.

  • Kasper

    I don’t get why people are so amazed about Charlotte’s pressence, I don’t think she really adds all that much and the sound is very scratchy and bad. Even worse than when Goon calls in. It’s a real shame that Greg’s too busy for the podcast lately, he’s sorely missed.

  • Yeah, sorry about the sound quality. I’m going to have to put some time into investigating the best VOIP set up for when we have various guests on the show. Skype seems to be kind of hit and miss. I know the Row Three guys use Yahoo Messenger, but we used that when Matt was on the show a couple weeks ago and it was kind of quiet compared to Skype.

  • Thanks for not dragging me over the coals. Hell, thanks for the recommendation at the end.

  • Charlotte

    Kasper, I’d be the first to agree with you.

    I think the sound might have been my fault. I was using a different connection which I thought would be better, but didn’t realise it was worse. Sorry about that.

  • Napalm

    boy! the show can become a real droolfest sometimes without Greg :(

  • Mason

    It was CBS’s “48 Hours” that did a special on the Paradise Lost-related case. Johnny Depp appears in it and it is available on YouTube:

    Not many people are left who still believe the convicted three are guilty and the re-trial case is getting more and more solid. I think there is enough material for a PL3 already.

  • One big, big , biiiiiiiiiig factor in the “Is 3-D losing popularity?” discussion that’s missing in both your article and on the podcast (not to mention the comments section) is this:

    The 3-D release window!

    When “Avatar” opened, it had a lock on 3-D locations for about 3 months before “Alice” hit. I remember it being talked about as a tremendous risk for all involved, and it was, but when it came out and did huge business, the talk about HOW successful the 3-D was took over. The movie played and played and played for months.

    Fast forward a few months, and not only have there been several movies out that had been planned for 3-D the whole time, but you also have several films that were converted to 3-D in the wake of the success of “Avatar”. The marketplace is crowded, and while more screens have been converted to 3-D, there is absolutely no way that any one film can monopolize 3-D locations like “Avatar” did. I’d bet money every 3-D release from “Shrek” on has had to share the available 3-D locations, especially as the summer drew on, with other 3-D films in release that came out only within a week or 2 of one another. Surely, “Toy Story 3″, “Airbender”, and “Despicable Me” could have opened with higher 3-D percentages if they were each on every possible screen.

    That ties into the overall take too, as the longer a film plays WITHOUT being able to play in 3-D anymore, the lower the percentage gets. Pretty soon, it might not so much become a question of “WILL you see it in 3-D?” as “CAN you see it in 3-D?”.

    By the way, I manage a movie theater, and for about the last 3 years we’ve been “6 months away” from getting our 3-D upgrades. At this point, it’s looking like “Jackass 3″ will be our first 3-D feature, and I hope to hell I’m not still there when it hits, as the “Jackass” crowds are some of the douchebaggiest audiences we’ve ever dealt with. On top of that, we can expect the people that will turn out for it just BECAUSE it’s in 3-D. Oh God, the complaints we’ll have…

  • It is hard to replace Greg, but Charlotte is a great addition to the show.

    Sean, one thing I’ve noticed when recording with Skype is that it sounds a lot better if you plug the computer you are using directly into the internet connection rather than using a wireless connection. That may be the case. This week sounded WAY better than when Matt was on the show.

    There is also a simple mastering software (for PC)called The Levelator that can help a lot. Just run the whole file through. Not sure how it will effect the music, but it makes the voice levels much more even.

  • We do use Levelator and I also run it through a Hard Limiting pass in Adobe Audition, and I do use a wired connection although but I always forget to double check that our guests are using one. Thanks for the tips!

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace: Good point. I totally forgot to bring this up but I think that definitely helps explains the stats.

  • Charlotte

    This is the bizarre thing, I used a wired connection this time instead as I thought it would improve the quality. The connection so far has been best with one of the wifi usb stick thingys which makes no sense to me, but it’s the clearest when it comes to sound.

  • Yeah in the past I’ve found that a wireless connection can be faster too. It could be that I have a really crappy ethernet card, but I think it’s really just dependent on the locations, time of day and random chance.

  • I like Charlotte, and think this was an awesome episode. I’ve really enjoyed all these guest episodes, after all i’m sure Greg will be back soon.

  • Falsk

    So in reference to “Lucky” …

    Ordinarily I’d agree that fewer people would’ve been better, but I think Blitz’s work has always been about the weirdness of people. I actually saw “Rocket Science” before his docs and remember coming away from that movie thinking, “Wow. Every character in the film was just so… odd” but now after seeing “Spellbound” and “Lucky” I think that’s what his films are about–the inherent weirdness/quirks of every day people. It doesn’t work in a narrative sense, but lends itself well to documentary. The people he studies/films just have an oddness about them. Just my opinion. Still got a kick out of the film–what a hoot!