David Goyer to Direct Wonder Woman?

With more announcements still expected to come out of the San Diego Comic-Con throughout the weekend, there’s a rumour currently making the rounds that Warner Brothers may be about to unveil plans for a live action Wonder Woman movie. Some may remember that Joss Whedon was attached to direct a Wonder Woman movie a few years back, but it ended up falling through. He has since been vindicated by landing The Avengers gig, but now someone else may get their shot at bringing the Amazon Princess to the big screen. According to a report, that someone is David S. Goyer.

The rumour comes from The Playlist, and although they don’t really indicate the reliability of the source, it does seem awfully believable. Warner Brothers have entrusted Christopher Nolan and his posse to reboot both the Batman and Superman franchises, and aside from Green Lantern and The Flash, Wonder Woman is the only other major DC hero that has yet to get her own film. Goyer supposedly came up with the idea for the new Superman movie, and I don’t doubt that he had a pitch ready to go for Wonder Woman as well.

It is unclear, however, just what Goyer’s role would be in this project. I don’t think there are many people out there who would want to see him direct, but with Christopher Nolan directing Batman 3, and his brother Jonathan rumoured to be helming Superman, it seems possible that Goyer might be given a chance to prove himself. Hey, it can’t be worse than Blade: Trinity, right? Hopefully we’ll find out the truth before the weekend is out, but in the meantime, what do you think about this possibility?

  • Ben


    I think at this point it’s obvious that Goyer is at his best when he’s got other things to keep him in check. I.e. other writers or a director.

  • addi

    wow thats sounds amazing! i really hope something will announced :D wooo

  • I hope he doesn’t direct it. I hope he just writes it.

  • Big Hungry

    Get Nolan to oversee this just like sup and I will be in.

  • Marc

    What the fuck! Can the powers that be please keep David Goyer out of the directors chair! I mean seriously, did anyone else not see Blade 3?

    If he were really serious about directing he should hone his “skills” towards smaller films ala District 9, rather than experimenting with hundreds of millions of dollars on a new franchise.

    Other than that he should stay behind the keyboard writing screenplays. Don’t get me wrong, David is a cool guy but he lacks the skill necessary to pull something like this off.

    I would prefer it if they sought out someone who’s made a decent film. Ala, John Favreu (Swingers to Iron man),Christopher (Nolan Memento, Insomnia to Batman), Guillermo del toro, (Devils backbone to Blade 2 & Hell Boy).