Tron: Legacy Theatrical Trailer #2

Tron: Legacy is making its presence felt at the San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row, and with the movie only months away from release now, a new trailer has materialized online. This is the longest and most in-depth trailer yet, and it showcases plenty of action scenes, in addition to fleshing out the story a bit more. Is it possible to get any more excited about this movie? I think it is. I just hope they aren’t giving away too much good stuff here.

We get a much better look at the young Jeff Bridges as Clu 2.0, and for the first time, I gotta say the de-aging digital effects don’t look too bad. We also get a lot more time with Flynn’s son Sam (Garrett Hedlund), and Sam’s love interest Quorra, played by Olivia Wilde. Wrap it all up with a quick glimpse of a new light plane, and I think the trailer has done its job. What do you think, will Joseph Kosinski actually succeed in making Tron “cool”? Tron: Legacy hits theatres on December 17th; check out the trailer after the jump or watch it in HD over at Yahoo!.

  • AJ

    Really good trailer, very interested to see the final result, another flop for Disney.

    I, like most of the target audience, have never seen Tron. I don’t see this pulling in

  • Darksiders

    Is evil jeff bridges face animated?

  • Awesome trailer, definitely going to see this in theaters.

  • Henrik

    The de-aging is much more impressive than any I’ve seen. The last time I saw it in Wolverine it was horrifying, but this has me excited to see Bridges vs. Bridges!

  • Steve

    Holy shit, the reverse-Benjamin Button CGI is amazing. Completely flawless. Shame the trailer didn’t have more of the edgy music the first one promised but still very excited.

    Flynn lives.

  • Emile

    Short film, would love to have some feedback thanks.

  • Ben

    The de-aging in X-Men 3 was actually really good. I don’t know how they ended up backsliding with it in Wolverine… oh, wait, yes I do, they backslid with everything in that movie.

  • This is gearing up to be petty good by the looks of it. One criticism though: Flynn seems a bit po-faced in this, whereas, in the original film he was the surrogate Han Solo wisecracking rogue.
    tbf His character has a slightly different, more complicated role to play in Tr2n (ha) it seems.

  • 1138

    I for one am looking forward to this! Looks pretty damn coo1! Even if you haven’t seen the original I gotta think the trailers should get one jazzed up for the movie! I know it’s got me going! Love Bridges too! Hope this is a good movie!! plus the chicks are really hot!

  • Brendan

    The de-aging is pretty nice. Still doesn’t look exactly like a 35 year old Jeff Bridges, but it’s pretty close. I think the de-aging tech tends to smooth out the features, which while making him look younger, makes his face look a bit flat. But it looks good to me, and is real enough not to be a distraction. But most importantly, it allows Bridges to play a younger version of himself, rather than some other dude or a full CGI recreation, and he still gets to play his current age too.

  • swarez

    Young Bridges is full on CGI. The dark lighting hides that fact quite well. The fake looking mouth movements give it away.
    This flick looks spectacular. I just hope it’s any good.