Karl Urban is the New Judge Dredd?

I’ve had high hopes for the upcoming Judge Dredd reboot ever since it was announced that frequent Danny Boyle collaborator Alex Garland (Sunshine, 28 Days Later) would be writing the script. I don’t have quite as much faith in director Pete Travis (Vantage Point), but I think there’s still a very good chance this will be an improvement on the original film. However, the most important question still has yet to be answered, and that is, who will play Judge Dredd? Sylvester Stallone had his flaws, but at least he made an imposing presence on screen. Fortunately, it looks like the actor they have in mind to replace him is a solid choice: Karl Urban.

Bleeding Cool recently caught wind that Karl Urban is the man who will be offered the lead role in the new movie, and although there is no guarantee that he will accept, I think we can all agree that it would be a great fit. Urban has essentially built a career on mid-range action/genre movies like The Chronicles of Riddick, Doom and Pathfinder, but he is now known to mainstream audiences everywhere as Dr. Leonard McCoy in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. He also played Eomer in The Lord of the Rings movies, and has some acting ability to back up his physical size. Do you approve of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd? Here’s to hoping we hear more about this project coming out of Comic-Con this weekend.

  • tm

    Judge Dredd is all about chin. Karl Urban has a chin of a 6-year old. Even Woody Allen would made a better Judge Dredd. Bruce Campbell has a real chin, but perhaps not right one for the role of Dredd.


  • Despite the chin, Urban will be great as Judge Dredd. I hope he accepts.

  • I think Karl will be great! He is soo cute!

  • Steve

    Holy shit. A Bruce Campbell Judge Dredd. Now I can’t accept any substitute.

  • Hugo

    I’m glad to see Keith Urban movies from music to movies.

  • Duke Togo

    Sean, are you a Dredd fan? The podcast in the past made it sound like nobody was interested in the Dredd reboot.

    A prosthetic chin could be applied.. Dredd’s 6’2″, Urban’s 6’1″, so he fits physically. Hopefully audiences won’t think Dredd’s a Master Chief/Halo ripoff seeing how Dredd’s a clone and all he does is uphold the law, he even uses a sleep machine so he can be on the job almost 24/7. 5 minutes in the machine = 8 hours of relaxing sleep.

  • AmKe

    wtf @ Hugo

  • Ron Perlman for Dredd – there is no other
    1) He has the Chin
    2) He has the voice
    3) He has the same build as Dredd
    It would be a crime against Mega City if they did not option him for the role.