Michael Bay to Produce Hansel and Gretel in 3D

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but it appears that Michael Bay is now ready to jump on the live action fairy tale bandwagon with a 3-D adaptation of his own. Hey, if Brett Ratner is producing one, then clearly Bay needs to get his hands in there as well. Truth be told, we don’t actually know how involved Michael Bay will be, but Kalliope Films is teaming up with his production company The Institute to create (wait for it) Hansel & Gretel in 3D!

As you may know, the story revolves around a brother and sister who find a gingerbread house in the woods and eat it, only to be captured by the evil witch who lives there. According to the press release, this will be “an action packed visual FX filled version of the beloved Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.” Sounds like we may even get some Michael Bay explosions out of the deal! It will be shot on location in Germany, and also “blends the gothic mystique of witchcraft with fantastical creatures and endearing human characters.” Those fantastical creatures will be created by Joseph C. Pepe, lead character designer from James Cameron’s Avatar.

I’ve always thought that Hansel and Gretel was one of the creepier fairy tales out there, and indeed, it has been retold several times with a horror angle including a Korean adaptation back in 2007. There is also a spin-off / sequel / parody in development right now called Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters from Dead Snow director Tommy Wirkola. I’m not sure how you would make it “action-packed” though. Either way, I somehow doubt that this will recreate the success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, even with Michael Bay’s name attached. Thoughts?

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  • Matt

    Of course he is…

  • herlygurl

    Really? Seriously?

    K.. Wait I can kinda see why he would want to do it now! BIG EXPLOSIONS IN 3D!!! Who wants to take bets on if the oven explodes??

  • Michael Bay news shouldn’t be posted here.