Ben Affleck’s The Town Trailer

Ben Affleck’s fantastic directorial debut Gone Baby Gone caught a lot of people off guard and proved that he might have a promising career ahead of him as a filmmaker. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise considering that he and Matt Damon won an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting, but at any rate, I’ve been looking forward to his next film ever since. The Town is Affleck’s second gig as a director, and it just so happens that it’s another crime thriller set in Boston that is based on a novel. This one draws from Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves, about a bank robber who starts to develop feelings for a woman who was injured in his latest heist.

The thing that may or may not break this film is the fact that Affleck has decided to give himself the lead role this time around. He wisely decided to stay behind the camera for Gone Baby Gone, but now people will be forced to resolve their feelings for both Affleck: The Director and Affleck: The Actor, which could get ugly. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) plays an F.B.I. agent who is on the trail, while Jeremy Renner plays one of his partners in crime. I have to admit, this trailer did get me pretty excited, but in its attempt to feel epic it also gives off the feeling that it could slip into self-parody at any moment. The Town hits theatres on September 10th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Fatbologna

    I think this looks fuckin’ awesome. I loved Gone Baby Gone(except the ending which was a little rough) and I can see ‘Heat’ influences all over this thing which is never a bad thing for me. I never disliked Affleck, I just always hated the movies he chose to be in. He seems like a smart actor with a shitty agent to me.

    I’d usually be the first to say that the Boston crime film’s been done to death but every time I say that I end up liking another one so maybe I’ll just stop saying that…

  • This looks great.

    “Ben Affleck’s fantastic directorial debut Gone Baby Gone caught a lot of people off guard and proved that he might have a promising career ahead of him as a filmmaker.”

    Totally agree. Great film, great debut.

    I caught a few glimpses of Blake Lively in the film as well. She is looking better and better. I wonder if she can pull off the Mass. accent.

    Some Blake pics:

  • 1138

    Looks good and definitely a bigger budget. Not sure of Blake Lively as an actress…if she is trying to imitate a boston accent in that one scene…that sounded pretty horrible…otherwise I like the cast. I enjoyed gone baby gone so I am looking forward to this. I am glad Affleck is keeping away from the Big Budget stuff…his choice of movie roles left a lot to be desired.

  • Matt

    Looks really good, but I think the trailer shows a little too much of the film.

  • Jackson

    If it’s one thing I hate more than Ben Affleck, it’s trailers that give away an entire film.

  • WTF! I wanted to see it, half way thru, now I don’t. what is wrong with Hollywood!?

  • I haven’t read the book, but I think the “twist” we see in the trailer isn’t actually a twist in the story. It’s right in the book synopsis.

  • F#$^@#%$@@!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate trailers. F##$#%

    I’ve been Struggling this whole summer to have a spoiler-free movie going experience but you just can’t have that these days can you, I ve been avoiding ALL inception Trailers like normal vampires avoid light but then I enter RT and my eye drops in a douchie review by a guy with the gayest photo ever that spoiled the entire movie just by saying something like “it was all just a dream” for his wrap-up tag-line comment on the movie..

    FU@%%@$$#&!!! Seriously if it was practically possible I would Killed that Guy..


    This looks good by the way.. except that last part..

  • L

    The novel the movie is based on:

    That’s for spoiling the fucking movie thx to some people who think a trailer should be a summyry of the movie.

  • Niklas

    the movie looks good but I really don’t like affleck the actor.. hopefully this will change my mind.

  • Looks amazing. Can’t wait. Affleck is a great director. If it is even half as good as Gone Baby Gone, it will still be better than most movies. One of his best roles as an actor was in a movie that he wrote, so hopefully we will have a repeat in that arena as well.