First Look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern on the Cover of EW

Eager Green Lantern fans have been clamoring for a look at Ryan Reynolds’ costume for months now (as we all know, a comic book movie lives and dies by its costume design). However, despite some leaked set pics, there still has not been a reveal up until now because there actually is no physical costume to see — the green suit is being created entirely through CGI. The thought of this has worried some people, but Warner Brothers is now attempting to put everyone at ease by slapping the first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern right on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

From what I understand, some fans are not happy with the look, however, to my uneducated eyes, it basically looks like Green Lantern. I’m not sure what people were expecting here. Is the mask too narrow? The lines across the chest too futuristic-looking? The shade of green not deep enough? All I know is it looks perfectly fine to me. Granted, the biggest test will be seeing it all in motion, but for now I have no complaints. What do you think, is Hal Jordan’s look going to cut it for you? Green Lantern hits theatres on June 17th, 2011. Check out a bigger version of the image after the jump.

  • its a great idea, he should glow like Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. there are so may cool things this idea will allow

  • Napalm

    the eye mask looks a little unfitting, but other than that i think it looks good.

  • Brugal

    I like green lantern, not a die hard fan but I like the concept, IMO, I think it looks pretty cool I have no complaints, but like you said the real test is when they put it in motion

  • Niklas

    I don’t know anything about green lantern so I had to google image but he seems to look almost exactly like the comic book so this just proves that comic book fans will never ever be happy.

    fuck em’

  • KeithTalent

    Whoa, there is such a thing as a Green Lanter fan?

    Picture looks pretty much as I expected it would.

  • rob

    i know its a highly airbrushed magazine cover but it does look very CG i dont like it

    doesnt look like ryan reynolds either

  • SINestro

    like the white eyes
    mask should be black though (eventhough thats not comicaccurate)
    just too much green though

  • Ben

    It does look very cg because it is cg, which works perfectly with what the costume is. It’s made from the ring’s energy so it shouldn’t be solid. The only thing that’s concerned me since I heard that they were going to do it that way was how it looks moving and this doesn’t really say anything about that, obviously.

    I think it looks good in still though.

  • 1978

    i like the dr. manhattan idea.

  • Looks like a fanshopped image. The true test will be the trailer.

  • Doug Henning’s Bastard Son


  • Chris

    looks great!

  • 1138

    Hard to tell. Kinda looks good but it’s airbrushed cover art. Need to see it in the context of the movie. Hope it’s good cause Lantern can lend itself to some really cool ideas and effects.

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  • Steve

    So he’s wearing a green suit to CGI in… a green suit. Other than that, I think it looks pretty decent.

  • Steve

    Checking over the rest of the photos… I was reminded that Blake Lively’s in this movie. And I can only wonder WHY. She is such a bad actor, her acting on Gossip Girl is obnoxious, air-headed and annoying.

  • pcch7

    the mask looks bad but other than that, it´s ok.. doon´t know why they couldn´t have a practical mask though

  • phil

    Green Lantern’s mask has always been awkward. Tough to draw and tough to imagine what it really looks like.

    Notice, it doesn’t cover the tip of his nose…strange mask indeed.

    I think it would be cool if the GL armor was always shifting and changing. Depending on the battle situation it could become “mech” armor, a medieval knight’s costume, big airbags like the Michelin Man, spikes, etc.

    You know Ryan Reynolds has the charisma to pull this off

    Now all they need to do is GIVE A CAMEO TO THAT KID FROM COMIC CON!