Film Junk Bonus Podcast: The Christopher Nolan Special

0:00 – Intro
2:40 – Headlines: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in Inglourious Basterds?, The Wachowski Brothers to Direct Plastic Man, Rick Moranis Turns Down Ghostbusters Video Game
27:50 – Following
36:50 – Memento
51:45 – Insomnia
1:07:40 – Batman Begins
1:22:25 – The Prestige
1:36:15 – The Dark Knight Preview
1:46:10 – Outro

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  • fatbologna


  • Napalm

    ahahah good to see that you guys finally found this lost episode ;)

  • YES! I was searching for this. Thanks guys.

  • Juan

    YES FINALLY, Thank you for posting this thing

  • Werner

    there is a god!!!

  • pcch7

    Lol I actually believed y´all was playing everyone but my my, it does exist.

  • Tomoo

    Haha wow you guys must have a lot of time on your hands these days! Cool to see that you “found” this episode.

  • RaphNL

    Lol, I thought they were playing everyone too.

  • fyi, when they were filming The Dark Knight here in Chicago I watched Nolan work for a day (the entire opening took place literally outside my condo building) and Nolan looked like that photo the whole time – dapper, calm and cool. Interesting, when I watched Micheal Bay work on T3 here and he is running around like a madman and screaming at folks. shows in their work, you think?

  • Henrik

    Well now I’m really fucking confused. When did this happen? I thought it was a joke

  • Niklas


  • Thanks Sean

  • I really thought this was going to run and string along ad infinitum, but here we are. I’m glad it “turned up”. Timely too. Well, I’ve lost one of my favorite dry laughs of the podcast, but look forward to listening to it.

  • Primal

    Jay: It is what it is.

    Greg: Don’t make that your catchphrase.

    Jay: I won’t.

    Greg: Thanks.

    Haha, good listen. Man, when did this episode happen?

  • Henrik

    I think I’m back to thinking this is fake!

  • Matt

    HAHA the famous Christopher Nolan Special.

  • Falsk

    It’s okay, Henrik. My brain exploded too. I’m far too gullible for this shit. -_-

  • Henrik, your one of the earliest listener’s to the podcast, and you actually think it’s an “old” episode? lol. It’s just another brilliant move by the FJ crew.

  • Theman

    Damn it!!! I was hopeing it would never come for some reason ugg ok…

  • Primal

    Oh, didn’t catch the intro, July 2008 makes sense based on the other stuff you talked about in the episode.

  • Ian

    Nice. I just rewatched Insomnia recently. Probably his weakest but since he or his brother weren’t involved in the writing and it was a remake I suppose that makes sense. Nolan might just be the most solid movie maker in terms of doing the big but fun and dare I say “intellectual” movies of the day.

  • Henrik

    rjdelight, I just would have never thought they would go to this much trouble. It blows my mind that Greg is on this yet never on the regular podcast anymore! The sound quality is probably the big give-away though.

  • The greatest trick Film Junk ever pulled was convincing the world that the Christopher Nolan Special didn’t exist. Maybe Film Junk will pull another fast one on us and Reed will appear on the Inception podcast. Here’s hoping.

  • Bas

    Ha, I KNEW it was fake! Can you guys make Santa retro-actively real as well?

  • Tomoo

    It is clearly a fake mainly the sound quality giving it away. Also the total shit “chased by a dog” story Jay made up because of that one email…oh and also Jay quizzing Greg on his age since he had to do the math to make it his age in ’08. Other than that they played it incredibly straight faced, so good job gentlemen.

    P.S. Can you please make a track suit comeback Jay?

  • WTF is it fake, or not?@!*%

  • I like how there is now pretty much a mythology behind the film junk universe.

  • it can’t be fake, because then this is like a magic trick AND GREG F*CK’EN HATES MAGIC!!!!

  • I don’t know what everyone is talking about it being a fake. There is an actual podcast we recorded, you can download it and listen to it. Therefore, NOT FAKE.


  • Film Junk is all in my mind; it’s a dream I live inside of. It isn’t real. It’s a dream that has been extracted by a bunch of crazy Canadians.

    Glad this episode was uncovered, yo

  • Snorfle

    Good start…now let’s see the old Spacejunk’s with Roman and Chen! At least a torrent or something.

  • @Russ in Chicago,

    That last comment was a touch of brilliance in this thread, sir.

  • ThatJackBurton

    Nice job Sean. I was going to devote some time to editing together a bunch of old episodes and clips into the Nolan special to be able to tout it and pass out on the boards, etc. but you’ve saved me much much time sir…… fuck now what do I do….

  • I’d still like to hear your episode actually…

  • Henrik

    User submitted stuff is always amazing!

    If anybody is looking for some good clips I’ve got some suggestions. I think Watchmen is a good episode to start pulling some stuff from!

  • Liney

    Hey, great that you finally put up a new link to this episode – people can stop asking me for a copy now! I guess now they’ll be after the Spielberg special, but I’m not sure I’d want to share that with anyone due to Sean’s potentially inflamatory remarks on it – some things are best left buried I feel (Switzerland my arse!!).

    There was a pretty decent Nolan retrospective in Empire a couple of issues ago for those that are interested. They mention things such as the Batman logo in “Following” (they were using the actor’s actual room as a location I think, and he just happened to like Batman!).

  • I still think the P.T.Anderson special was better.

  • MattSmithsky

    Thanks so much for going to the trouble of finding this Sean! I’m sure people have been bugging the hell out of you for it for awhile now

  • Bas

    For a minute I thought Nuno (sp?) burst the bubble with the reference to Wolverine, but that was shot early in 2008. Imagine though if you had just recorded this podcast you could have included The Dark Knight and Inception!!! :) :) :)

  • Shirko

    It’s fake, based on the sound quality.
    But thanks for making one. I was one of those who whined about it.

  • Shirko

    WAIT! WHAT!? You guys have a P.T Anderson special? Where is it!?! I can’t find it in the podcast menu!! oooooooooooo!!

  • WHERE IS THE PTA SPECIAL SEAN NONE OF US CAN FIND IT!!! Maybe you ca post that lost episode the week before The Master comes out. ;D

  • Liney

    For some reason, certain episodes of Friends (with Courtney Cox in a fat suit) keep springing to mind! :o)

  • Lucas_3d

    good shit guys – the elusive Nolan episode!
    what’s the next filmjunk urban legend?!

  • OverArrow

    Never thought I’d see the day I’d be able to sit down and listen to the long lost Christopher Nolan Special.

  • Cy-Ed

    bless this mess