Haley Joel Osment to Star in Sex Ed

Haley Joel Osment is no longer the cute kid we remember from such films as The Sixth Sense and A.I.… that’s right, he’s all growns up now and he’s looking to re-invent himself as an actor. What better way to change people’s impression of him than to star in something that is the complete opposite of what he is known for? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Osment has signed on to star in a sex comedy called Sex Ed, where he will play a college graduate who ends up teaching sexual education to high school students despite being a virgin. But will he prove to have the comedic touch, or will this just be another example of stunt casting gone wrong?

We all know it can be tough for child actors as they grow up and find themselves no longer in demand, and it’s even harder when you earned an Oscar nomination at the age of 11. Osment hasn’t starred in a movie since Home of the Giants in 2007, and before that, Secondhand Lions in 2003, although he has done some voice acting in between. He was also in a car accident back in 2006 after driving drunk and was sentenced to three years probation. Here’s to hoping he can get his career back on track, although sadly, I suspect he’s destined to always be known as the kid who sees dead people.

  • Niklas

    he can do it! Just look at the kid from Jurassic Park doing a great job on The Pacific

  • megan

    man, did he grow up ugly. I think this might be the most significant issue child actors have to resolve.

  • Matt

    Looks like his head grew, but not his face.
    $20 says this film will go straight to dvd and will be a “National Lampoons” or “American Pie” presents.

  • Nasha

    This is not the way to go. He should have gone the Joseph Gordon-Levitt route of establishing indy cred. These sex romp things can be career killers!

    Let’s hope “Kingdom Hearts” keeps cranking out games…

  • Toma

    Obviously, yo haven’t seen Haley presenting awards to Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks. Go youtube it and you’ll find that he’s got such perfect comic timing, he can easily pull off a comedy. In fact, many people, including me, have been waiting for him to do comedy. Let’s just hope this is well-written