Film Junk Podcast Episode #278: Predators

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
10:15 – Headlines: – Ed Norton Out of The Avengers, Chris Columbus to Direct Superman?, Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald’s Crowd Sourcing Documentary, M. Night’s Name Dropped from The Night Chronicles: Devil, Mel Gibson Self-Destructs… Again
37:20 – Review: Predators
1:09:55 – Trailer Trash: Machete, The Splat Pack, Middle Men
1:23:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: God’s Country, Unbreakable, Predator, Predator 2, Grown Ups, Direct Your Own Damn Movie, June 17th, 1994, Cyrus, Tales from the Script
1:52:08 – Junk Mail: Robot Cock Remix, Gamble is Jay, Dated Movies, Warren Ellis and Preacher, Reed, Spike Jonze, Fabricated Trailers and Best Director Ever, Reality TV
2:16:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:18:00 – Outro

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  • Jeff

    Matt’s a good guest, but his sound levels were really bad.

    Thanks for the podcasts!


  • Yeah, Predators is lazy.

    They really overused the “in the nick of time” thing, and Adrian Brody explaining everything for the first half of the film got old fast.

    It just felt like bad fan-fiction.

    And “bitch-raping-time”? That seemed sooo forced.

  • Yeah, sorry about the audio issues. We tried Skype first but the connection was really noisy, so we switched to Yahoo Messenger, which was clearer but a lot quieter.

  • Able Man

    Please don’t have Reed on the Inception podcast. Sure, have him on from time to time for variety, when there are crap films, or ones that just aren’t particularly worthy of in depth discussion. Just don’t have him on for really interesting films where there will be a lot to discuss. One thing that I think has been firmly established is that Reed is not in any way capable of discussing films.

  • Big Hungry

    Reed on the live Inception podcast…. yep.

  • Antho24

    It ain’t a Sci-Fi podcast, without Reed.

  • bard

    Reed has to be there for Inception.

  • Reed can be there but also get Matt, or some other person, that can bring their A game – I expect Inception to have a lot of “levels” so the more intelligent views the better.

  • Able Man

    Ok. The people have spoken, or otherwise Reed has left comments under 4 different names.

  • projectgenesis

    Oh Reed is a must for the Inception podcast

  • I mean no offense to Greg, but I am LOVING the guests. :D

    And while i’m usually Reeds biggest defender… I don’t want him on the Inception podcast. xP

  • John

    Do not invite Reed for “Inception.” Only invite him for reviews of movies that no one cares about. He will prevent you guys from having an interesting conversation by bringing up petty minute details.

  • So wait, that shot of all the red target things on Adrien Brody is not actually in the movie and replaced by only one? To me that’s false advertising.

    I get shooting extra stuff for the trailer but that is a tactic meant to deliberately mislead the movie goers. Lame. They promise you something and then reneg on it?

  • David

    (1) I don’t know why everyone is going nuts about the Predators trailer because it implied there was dozens of predators. I don’t think it’s a valid criticism of a movie that the trailer didn’t give away the plot or some aspect of the movie. When you’re sitting down to watch a movie, you should forget there was even a trailer for the movie.

    (2) I read Warren Ellis’s RED. It’s 3 issues long. It takes less than 15 minutes to read. That makes it basically impossible to “gut” the story. 75% of the movie is going to have to be made up. It’s basically a story about a retired guy who’s a bad ass and the CIA try to assassinate him. So he kills all of them and the guy in Washington that called the hit. The end.

  • Reed should be featured on the Inception podcast if only because it will get him out of his house.

  • I think on the live show you guys should try and do something through skype where listeners can call in, i’ve always wanted to call into Film Junk…

  • 1)If Greg is missing from yet another podcast I am ripping out my ear drums.

    2)If Reed is not on the life podcast next week, then as usually nobody is going to monitor the chat Room guys.

    3)Mel Gibson rules.

    4)Spoilers at the End please, in an extra show.. If it’s no biggie?

  • Maybe this week’s Film Junk Poll should be asking if people want me on the Inception podcast. :-)

    FYI, if Sean invites me on the Inception podcast, then I will decline his offer.

  • Okay now I WANT you to be invited just to see if you really decline the offer. But is that what you want me to think? is this some kind of mind trick?

  • Able Man

    Its nothing personal Reed. I would gladly listen to you talk about Inception on another show later. I’d just like the other guys to give an in depth review on their own first. I have no doubt that your thoughts on this complex film will be too mindblowing for us all to take in during the main review.

  • Kasper

    A shame you would decline Reed, I was looking forward to you appearing on the Inception episode.

    And if you are going to have guests, then please don’t have more than one at a time, or else the air time just gets divided up too much between too many people.

  • Ken

    Reed must be on the ‘Inception’ episode. Definitely.

  • Falsk


    What were we talking about again?

  • pcch7

    what´s the song in the end?

  • Primal

    The more the merrier. Inception is one of those films that should bring everyone together. Maybe having call-ins would be cool.

  • The12thMonkey

    I’m on Team Reed. I want to hear what he has to say about a movie he likes.

  • Jeff

    Another vote for Reed.

  • Please have Read on the podcast. Two of the most entertaining podcast were Avatar and Star Trek

  • Reed. I may not agree with what you will say about Inception but I will defend to the death your right to say it on the Film Junk podcast. If you don’t appear on the show I will go Travis Bickle all across the forum. Only you can prevent this. You have been warned.

  • Glendon

    I always look forward to Reed’s opinions. He’ll either provide an interesting viewpoint or derail the entire conversation with perverse quibbling, much to the co-host/listener’s disdain. Either way, a good time for all.

  • Henrik

    People who don’t like Reed take themselves too seriously! Reed isn’t the problem, the problem is that Jay gets offended by Reed’s dismissal of things and focus on seemingly trivial aspects, that he loses track of reviewing the movie and just starts arguing with Reed! Just roll with him, let him explain his weird opinions and treat them respectfully, then go on to say why you think otherwise! Then everybody will be happy, including Reed who would get out of his house.

  • Henrik


  • Yes Reed must attend, plush toys and all.

  • HFD

    For the love of all things holy, get Reed out of his house!

  • Mrespony

    What’s the problem with Reed on the Inception podcast? If there’s a live show then I want Reed, Greg, Sean and Jay…nuff said.

  • Rob

    I definitely want to hear Reed’s take on Inception. And anyone else you guys can entice to take part, to be honest. But yeah, count me in the Team Reed camp.

    Also, not many mentioned it, but the levels for Matt in this podcast were terrible. I could barely hear him half the time. A good example of a place it seemed very messed up is when he is listing the script writers in Tales from the Script. I’m no audio editor or anything but it sounds like the levels were normalized and pushed his down so far that you couldn’t hear him unless he was speaking loudly and directly into the… phone/Skype mic?

    Not sure if it can be fixed, but there you go.

  • Rob

    And I see Sean replied to that issue in like the 3rd comment. And Reed saying he will decline…

    Man, next time I’m not even gonna bother commenting. heheh

  • you guys should do a live video taping of the Inception Podcast AT REED’S HOUSE then you could sell it as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3…then buy Reed a new refrigerator, done!

  • Live podcast from Reed’s House would be a great idea except he doesn’t have an internet connection. Or air conditioning.

  • I’m a solution type guy – run a cable from the mall he goes to surf the net and sit on the ice blocks he uses to keep his broken frig cold.

  • My vote is for Reed attending the both the Inception podcast as well as the bonus show. I’m looking forward to an epic 3 hour episode.

  • Confirmed: Reed will not be attending the Inception podcast. But we will try to record a new Cantankerous soon.

  • I don’t think the issue is that Reed’s fridge doesn’t work, rather that Reed doesn’t want to spend money on electricity.

  • Rob

    Shame Reed won’t be attending. I think many of us were curious to hear what he would say about this film, seeing as it looks anything but ordinary. :P

    Oh well. More Cantankerous is always good. And perhaps Reed can regale us with his opinion on Inception in the comments area or as a short review feature?

  • well Sean, Reed’s master plan has worked. He has built up enough love on the boards to force you to meet his unvoiced demands – pay for his movie ticket! we all know that is the real reason he is not coming.

  • No comment on the Ellis/Ennis mix-up?

    Garth Ennis wrote “Preacher” and currently writes “The Boys”, not Warren Ellis. They run in the same circles and have even worked on the same titles at different times (every European comic writer has done some Hellblazer and Judge Dredd at some time or another), but they are completely different people. This mix-up happens a lot. The worst is when it’s someone that sounds like they know their stuff. It probably also wouldn’t annoy me as much if Garth Ennis wasn’t my favorite writer.

  • Good point, I hadn’t clued in to the fact that it was implied in the e-mail that all the comics being discussed were written by Warren Ellis.

  • Yup, “Preacher” was Ennis’ baby, while Ellis had “Transmetropolitan” going on at the same time. I could recommend Garth Ennis stuff all day, as I think he was one of the first comic WRITERS that I actually followed. Before that, it had always been characters or artists. I mean, I still do follow characters and artists to an extent, but story comes first. Anyway, both guys have written more than their fair share of self-contained 4-8 issue mini series that would make excellent films. In a perfect world, Garth Ennis would be in Mark Millar’s position right now (though I enjoy Millar’s work quite a bit too).

  • No comment on the Ellis/Ennis mix-up?

    I didn’t get the impression that he was saying Ellis wrote Preacher, more just a poor transition into him talking about a series he really enjoyed after previously talking about Ellis’ works.

    Jay didn’t say shit because he knows more about sports than he does comics.

  • Able Man

    I have just seen Inception and it will blow Reeds mind. I think he will be speechless.