Film Junk Podcast Episode #278: Predators

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
10:15 – Headlines: – Ed Norton Out of The Avengers, Chris Columbus to Direct Superman?, Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald’s Crowd Sourcing Documentary, M. Night’s Name Dropped from The Night Chronicles: Devil, Mel Gibson Self-Destructs… Again
37:20 – Review: Predators
1:09:55 – Trailer Trash: Machete, The Splat Pack, Middle Men
1:23:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: God’s Country, Unbreakable, Predator, Predator 2, Grown Ups, Direct Your Own Damn Movie, June 17th, 1994, Cyrus, Tales from the Script
1:52:08 – Junk Mail: Robot Cock Remix, Gamble is Jay, Dated Movies, Warren Ellis and Preacher, Reed, Spike Jonze, Fabricated Trailers and Best Director Ever, Reality TV
2:16:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:18:00 – Outro

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  • I appreciated Jay’s efforts to bring notes for the PREDATORS review. His main interventions and points seemed clearer and more concise than usual, without breaking the flow of the conversation.

    Bummer about Reed not being on the next show… or any other show for that matter.

  • 1138

    Got to add my two cents.

    Saw Predators was very predictable. Though I liked the cast the dialogue was trite and the action just plain boring. I think the production tried though I feel that the movie was done on the cheap side without any innovative thought to the film making or script (Which is how I usually feel about Rodriguez films who I still consider a hack). I never felt I was on another planet and the CG was spotty. I didn’t hate the film though I felt there was really nothing to love.

  • I want to have Reed in every episode so Inception? Oh yes! sci-fi = Reed.

    And I don´t plan to listen to the podcast at all before i´ve seen the movie (which will be friday the 23:rd which is the date in Sweden) so i´d love to let the whole episode be a spoilery.

  • Ken

    Reed, you must join the ‘Inception’ episode.

    The majority of the people posting in this comment section want you to.

    Give the listeners what they want.

  • Earlier in the week, Sean did graciously invite me to the Inception episode, but I held firm to my solemn oath in Comment 18. So I will sacrifice my own happiness in order to appease those who don’t care for my contributions to the Film Junk podcasts. Sob.

    Maybe we’ll have a special Inception episode of Cantankerous in which Sean, Jay and I will talk about our never revealed lurid dreams that have been influenced by movies.

  • We’ll talk about Inception on Cantankerous as an bonus review.

  • can anyone make an uncomplicated life more complicated than Reed Farrington?

  • Ken

    Okay, that sounds good.

    Speaking of Cantankerous… could you guys please update the feed in iTunes when you’re uploading the new episode? I think the last 3 or so episodes are missing. I know you can download them directly from this site but it’d be nice to have all the episodes under the same roof so to speak.

  • Fans need to get over themselves. It sucks Reed won’t be on the podcast.