Machete Trailer Starring Danny Trejo And Steven Seagal

A new trailer for the movie version of Robert Rodriguez’ faux-trailer Machete, starring Danny Trejo as the title character, has surfaced. The trailer is sadly not up to par with the previously released trailer, but it does earn its keep by bringing something new and awesome to the table: the first proper look at Steven Seagal as the movie’s bad guy!

It’s a pretty weird feeling being excited about a movie starring Trejo and Seagal, but nonetheless that’s what I am — excited about a movie with Trejo and Seagal as the two main stars. I’ve had my doubts about Machete, but with the stellar supporting cast of Cheech Marin, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez among others, paired with Seagal’s bad-ass moves with the swords and Trejo’s good one-liners, I think Sylvester Stallone might just have a rival here for the best over the top action movie of the year. Watch the trailer below the break, and share your thoughts on the badassery!

  • Mucha Libreroxxxx

    This looks awesome!!!

  • El Ultimo Hombre

    ‘Bout damn time Trejo got his own movie. Looks badass. Desperado with knives.

  • Paul Andrews

    I can’t wait !

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    This film is an indication of how far De Niro has fallen now that he’s co-starring in films with Jessica Alba and Steven Seagal.

  • mark

    Pssh, whatever. De Niro is making a paycheck, chill out.

    I can’t wait to see this

  • 1138

    God that looks like it was shot with a cheap video cam. I thought Machete was supposed to mimic the cheap exploitation of the seventies? This looks like a cheap exploitation movie of the video eighties…like porno cheap…rodriguez is such a hack.

    Though Michelle rodriguez looks damn fine in her outfit.

    Oh and Alba still can’t act…hope she has a small role in this.

  • Fatbologna


    “This looks like a cheap exploitation movie of the video eighties…like porno cheap…rodriguez is such a hack.”

    Rodriguez is as much a child of the 80s as Tarantino is a child of the 70s which I think is apparent by this trailer as well as Grindhouse. Being that I’m a child of the 80s and love the garbage movies that came out of that decade I don’t see that as a problem. You either like the style or you don’t but you can’t argue that Rodriguez isn’t one of the only people left today making Corman-style “fast and cheap” films. I admire the man’s economy and allegiance to mindlessly fun filmmaking. you can see how much fun he’s having on screen and I think there’s something to be said for that.

    Also, look at that fucking CAST!


  • Jonny Ashley

    “This looks like a cheap exploitation movie of the video eighties…like porno cheap…rodriguez is such a hack.”

    Give any awful trend 30 years and it becomes ‘retro’. I just pray no one gets nostalgic about movies like Transformers in 2040

    I think it looks like it’ll be classic

  • Joe

    i’d rather see deniro in something like this than another than another shitty ben stiller comedy

  • Marc

    I’m going to get bat shit drunk before I watch this!

  • Fatbologna


    Yeah, me too. Actually, come to think of it, I only really go to the theatre for movies I can get batshit drunk for. Example: Predators, right now. I am drunk RIGHT NOW!

  • Mrespony

    The whole immigration element seems wiped from this trailer, do you think the last trailer released for Cinco de Mayo was edited purposefully to rub Arizonans the wrong way or was it a more accurate representation of the film? For those who don’t live in the States that last trailer did stir up a bit of controversy, most notably because the film is being released by Fox and Fox News had posted and then pulled some harsh criticism of the trailer and it’s pro-immigrant message. Now Fox releases this trailer that has none of those elements, it even has the Grindhouse look removed. Is Fox trying to make their money back with a film that has pro-immigrant leanings without pissing off the wingnut conservatives that they regularly spoon feed Glenn Beck? Is Rodriguez going to slip a suppository of common-fucking-sense up the collective asses of God-fearing hate breeders across America? Will Machete kill Glenn Beck?

  • swarez

    I don’t think the immigration issue was ever a part of the plot. This was something they made just to make a statement for that particular day I believe.

  • Aaron

    I’m definately looking forward to this. Trejo looks great and it’s cool that he’s getting the opportunity for a starring role.

  • Bryan

    Hell yes.

    And, it’s LAPIDUS from Lost!!! Love that guy.

  • steve brighten

    I can not wait for this! Thank goodness I do not really have to.