Vampires Suck Trailer Starring Ken Jeong

At long last, the wait is over! The trailer has arrived online for Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer’s Twilight spoof movie Vampires Suck, and it looks like another comedy so lazy and juvenile that you’d almost think it was meant to be a parody of a parody. To be honest, I kind of look forward to the trailers for every new Friedberg and Seltzer project, because I know that it’s the only two minutes of the movie I’ll actually see (drive-in double bills notwithstanding). Plus it’s amazing just to see how many pop culture references they can drop without really making a single joke.

This time around, even though Twilight should provide more than enough material for a 90 minute feature on its own, they also felt the need to throw in some Alice in Wonderland, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, and Black Eyed Peas gags for good measure. Ken Jeong would seem to be the only thing that could possibly save this movie, although for his sake I hope his role isn’t much more than a minor cameo. Vampires Suck hits theatres on August 18th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Tomoo

    My god…that was just awful. Do they even try for these things?

  • lewis

    Wow.this is lame. I tried to laugh.but I felt sick watching this.

  • James Turnbull

    It does look shit but not as bad as epic movie, meet the spartans and diasaterm movie which all made me want to stab my face off.

  • James Turnbull

    Wow bad typo (sorry a bit drunk) I meant disaster movie.

  • Fatbologna


    I can’t wait to go out and see this with my bros. then go gang rape some bitches!


  • Brendan

    I equate these type of parody movies to MAD Magazine. But not just the single movie parodies like MAD does for a few pages, it’s more like an entire issue of MAD jacked into one movie.

  • Napalm

    I was wondering when another of these movies would drop. Well here you go :D

  • Hugo Van Nor

    Of course this will be horrible. But, if people watched Lost for six years. It’s not hard to believe that someone will like this.

  • suckit

    looks to be on par with the “this aint twilight: new moon xxx a porn parody”

  • Falsk

    Ugh, the unfortunate thing is, I can see this drawing a crowd of all the guys totally fed up with the Twilight hype (Twype? :D) and needing some sort of vindication … like my 19-year old cousin? I feel like he’ll see this.

    …and then I’ll have to kill him.

  • fatbologna

    Hugo Van Nor,


    You ZINGED them Lost fans real good, huh?

    wow. I was zinged. Were the rest of you zinged?

  • I like how they don’t trust the audience to get any of the alleged jokes at all, how the punchline of the gag seems to be the character explaining what you’re seeing. For instance, there’s someone that’s supposed to be Lady Gaga or something, so of course there’s someone going “Whhhaaa? Lady Gaga?!?!?”. He’s saying what you’re thinking!!!

    This reminds me, does anyone remember the movie “Black Knight” with Martin Lawrence? If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. Anyway, there’s a scene where a guy falls in shit, and Martin Lawrence says something like “Awww man, you fell in SHIT!”, because we needed to be told…

  • mark

    Yeah I did. Fucking lost! (me after each episode).

    Dude these movies have evolved into such a troll magnet. While I was watching that, I could almost hear all of the 13 year girls and the idiots who brought them all laughing at that trailer, talking about it. OMG Reference! I relate to that, thats so clever!

    Its like they took a market survey, shoved it into a script, and made a paycheck, and looked at each other and said “hey man, lets see how far we can take this… lets get paid”. I’m kinda jealous, well done.

  • Brendan

    The title of this film is just begging for a review that says, “Vampires Suck – and so does this movie.”

  • Steve

    Don’t they preview this with test audiences or something? I was laughing for all the wrong reasons here.

  • shanana

    what actor plays frank in vampires suck?