Shatner Says Free Enterprise 2 is Finally Going to Happen

While watching Reed Farrington pass up the purchase of the special edition DVD of Free Enterprise for $1.99 last week while shopping in the U.S., I knew that he would soon live to regret it. Now that it looks like a sequel is finally happening, he’s definitely going to wish he had the extended cut and the audio commentary by the cast, crew, and William Shatner to catch up on this cult classic before continuing with the saga. Shatner apparently revealed at TrekExpo in Tulsa, OK last week that Free Enterprise 2 will be shooting sometime this summer, even though director Robert Meyer Burnett has been a little less forthcoming about it.

For those who haven’t seen it, Free Enterprise is a 1999 comedy about two Trekkies grappling with a mid-life crisis who seek advice from their idol, William Shatner. The proposed sequel is rumoured to be called Free Enterprise: The Wrath of Shatner, and apparently has the Shatman retreating from his fame to become a rabbi. According to Shatner, they will be shooting sometime in the next month or so.

Robert Meyer Burnett, however, was recently asked about the legitimacy of these claims and would only say, “There are always possibilities, and it would be fun to go back to the Free Enterprise universe with William Shatner some day.” So is this really happening, or is it just wishful thinking for Shatner? Either way, with the popularity of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, it seems like an appropriate time to return to the well. Too bad none of these new Trek fans will have a clue who this William Shatner guy is.

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  • Slushie Man

    Sweet fucking news. I’ve been waiting forever for this.

  • The DVD was $2.50! I’m not regretting my decision, yet.

  • Isaiah Mustafa (aka the guy in those clever Old Spice commercials) said he’s going to be in this movie:

  • Slushie Man

    The first movie is a huge movie in my life. The two main characters are pretty much exactly me and my one friend Len and whenever we get together we ALWAYS have to watch that movie because it’s ‘our’ movie, lol. Only difference is I’m not a Trek fan, I’m much more of a Star Wars fan, but Len is the biggest Trekkie I know.

  • Cory

    According to William Shatner speaking at the Dallas Scifi expo Oct. 23rd, 2010, there will not be a Free Enterprise 2 — the money apparently fell through.