Film Junk Podcast Episode #277: The Last Airbender and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
5:10 – Headlines: Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man, Judd Apatow to Produce New Pee-wee Herman Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Directors Take on Lego Movie, Hostel 3 Goes to Las Vegas, Daniel Day-Lewis as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?
16:40 – Review: The Last Airbender
37:10 – Review: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
48:00 – Trailer Trash: Paranormal Activity 2, Rango, Let Me In
58:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: The White Ribbon, Tell Them Anything You Want, The Betrayal – Nerakhoon, Dogtooth, The Burger & the King: The Life & Cuisine of Elvis Presley, The Karate Kid II, The Last Winter, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Entourage
1:44:20 – Junk Mail: Reed and his Lovely Bones Remix, Reed’s Man Boobs Remix, Documentary Recommendations, Directors Selling Out, Microbudget B-movies, The Next Carpenter or Craven, The Duplass Brothers, Tim Burton Directed Mystery Men?
2:14:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:15:15 – Outro

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  • Tomoo

    AND TWILIGHT?!?! Now I must hear it/

  • Big Hungry

    Twilight??? who was the brave soul?

  • alechs

    The Secret in Their Eyes is a good procedural drama and I am glad it won the Oscar. If it hadn’t I am sure I would never have heard of it.

  • Henrik

    I think that Gregs position of “Smooth voice and sex appeal” on the podcast has now been firmly taken away from him by this adorable british presence. More girls please, they just sound better.

    *White Ribbon Spoilers Below, Don’t read and get it spoiled, watch the movie instead, because it’s amazing*

    I don’t think there is much emotional reaction to The White Ribbon, it’s pretty much an intellectual movie through and through, but there are some scenes in there which are absolutely DYNAMITE. The scene Jay mentions with the doctor for instance, and also the scene with the little boy. Jay, when you see that scene for instance, where the boy learns about death, you don’t see the callousness that is awoken in him? It’s almost as if Nietzsche (who wasn’t a Nazi just to clarify, but did believe in the value of nothing) himself is incarnated in the little boy in that scene. It’s hard to keep aware of the time period while watching the movie because there are so, so many stories and characters that all have well-rounded personalities that you’re trying to wrap your head around, but I do think that the allusions to the birth of nazism, including the opening narration and how the mystery plays out (the culprit). As for Roger Ebert, he does seem like an old, self-righteous man trying to defend the psychology of yesteryear under a veil of openmindedness at this point. I would put his comment about “we would all be nazis” in the same category as his “video games can never be art” comment. The category is called useless blathering.

  • Henrik

    but I do think that there are allusions to the birth of nazism*

  • Henrik

    And also I couldn’t help but chuckle at the “there’s not really a villain in this”. Imagine that! A movie without villains! That’s what elevates a movie beyond a simple genre-structure, the fact that it seems to be populated by people, not pieces.

  • Twilight? nice….. need to shower before listening to this one; the ladies might be present….(bad Billy D Williams voice)

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    I’m looking at getting The Wire and Battlestar Box Sets and getting a little something called The Lord of Rings Box Set BLUE RAY for FREE!!!

  • shot my wad to soon, those B & N prices aren’t so good, my bad

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Charlotte’s accent is the best thing to happen to Film Junk since Jay’s Licence story.

    Thanks for that.

    If I had to guess:

    Jay – Team Edward
    Sean – Team Jacob
    Reed – Team Edward
    Greg – Team Jacob

  • Wow I really need to listen back to my voicemails before I send them…

  • I work at a movie theater, and while I haven’t seen any of the Twilight films in their entirety, I’ve caught lots of bits and pieces here and there. That said, ummmmm…has your guest this week ever SEEN a good fight scene? What I’ve seen of the fights look pretty bland and goofy.

    Also, about the “Jacob never wearing a shirt” thing, it’s really not that clever when the Twilight filmmakers are the last ones to make the joke.

    Also, when it comes to the villains, their “menacing” looks seem to come straight of the WWE pro wrestling playbook, all exaggerated body movements and ridiculous facial expressions. Oh wow, giving us an evil look through the hair that’s draped over your face again? Yeah, I wasn’t impressed the first 30 times…

  • Also, we ran the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer at the beginning of both prints of Eclipse, and having watching the audiences from the booth a couple of dozen times, it didn’t seem to get much of a reaction. Even with the LOUD SOUND at the beginning, folks stayed glued to their cell phones.

    That reminds me though, we got an e-mail from someone at corporate saying that if anyone reported problems with the PA2 trailer, to let them know, to which I told our GM that the only problem I could see anyone having was that they paid 9 bucks to see the first movie, and anything of interest was given away for free in this trailer. HA!

  • Fatbologna

    Jay, If you want an actually engrossing character piece by Haneke check out the Piano Teacher. That movie will make you want to take a boiling shower that results in all of the flesh peeling off your body and you’ll still feel dirty.

    Time of the Wolf is another of his better films. It’s a post-apocalyptic film that features ACTUAL horse death! Good stuff!

    To be clear, I wasn’t a fan of Funny Games either. The White Ribbon looks interesting and I was on the fence about Cache so this isn’t coming from a Haneke apologist.


    If you’re interested in B-movies check out the Gentleman’s Guide to Midnight Cinema, Outside the Cinema and Cinema Diabolica podcasts! They’re all great listens and they’ll bring you full tilt into the dirty world of B-schlock!

  • Charlotte

    @PlanBFromOuterSpace I thought I might be walking into trouble by saying how much I loved the fight scenes, but I do stand by it. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare them to standard action film-esque fights scenes as every aspect of the Twilight films is very much tailored towards a specific audience and so that will affect how they are approached.

    What impressed me about them in this case is how violent they are considering the film they’re in, especially with its audience. I just think it was a brave move on David Slade’s part, and to have that level of action within these films is a welcome relief to someone like me that isn’t too fussed with the romantic side of the story.

    And as far as the jokes, I just think David Slade has been a great influence in turning the franchise away from being far too sincere and has embraced some of its ridiculousness, whereas Chris Weitz went too far trying to make New Moon credible and should be ashamed of himself for the sparkly, skipping in the forest scene, which almost ruined that film.

    Were I looking to watch good action, or good comedy, I wouldn’t look towards these films. I just enjoy the way they executed them for this story.

  • Now I need to find a copy of The Burger and the King. Anyone have a lead?

  • Nick Robertson

    Well! I’ve listened to this episode twice now and I think Greg’s in trouble… Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


  • I guess I understand now. Relatively speaking, when comparing the different installments in the series, they were good fight scenes and Eclipse was darker or more violent or whatever.

    Unfortunately for the series, Slade’s influences on the films will probably be dropped with the next installment. While using different filmmakers for each film is a pretty great idea for getting the films out quickly, and for ensuring that no one goes through any sort of Raimi-level Spider-Man-style burnout, I’m sure it kills any momentum that the previous film may have had. I’m not a Twilight fan at all, but I understand the importance of consistency when dealing with a series of films where continuity is somewhat important. Even the Harry Potter movies have had multiple directors, but from what I understand, they’ve at least been more careful to at least keep the tone of the films the same.

  • What’s happening with that video game podcast?

  • Hopefully recording tomorrow.

  • Mason

    Charlotte was good. I would not want her as a “replacement” for Greg, but she’s a good substitute for when he or Jay or Sean can’t make it. She sounded great for 5:00 am!
    Drew indeed sounded like he “hit rock bottom”. Are you getting enough sleep Drew? Entertaining, but the volume could have been raised for his message. I could hardly hear him, listening to the podcast while driving.

  • swarez

    What I liked about The Last Winter was the somber mood they managed to create and its slow pace as well. It is a story that could easily have gone the Thing route or become a basic slasher but they chose not to go that way. And the surreal elements worked well for me as well. I do understand why people wouldn’t like it though.
    The iffy CGI in the end was the only thing that was a let down.

  • Asa

    Wow, an M.Night fanboy(s). You’re critics and you can’t pinpoint stilted dialogue, massive lame exposition, mediocre to bad acting and all around bad directing? Kid movies get free passes for this? And this is your job?

  • I think we acknowledged most of those problems, we just thought there was enough good in the movie to give it a pass. And no, this is not our job.

  • Zodd

    They really are M.Night fanboys. Love how they dismiss other people’s reviews by saying that those negative reviewers want M.Night to fail that they see him as the “Indian Boy” that needs to fail. Right guess those negative reviewers on the movie are all racist and it’s not because the movie happens to suck. Oh and the audience who left the theaters disappointed by the movie are also racist as well. They all hate that Indian boy!

    Seriously this podcast crew should be embarrassed. Things like this make me want to reconsider my stance on abortion.

  • Kevin

    I only listened to this review for the Last Airbender review and I just have to disagree with so many points that was brought up during the review.

    This movie is absolutely horrible for so many reasons…The dialogue is horrendus and essentially all expository there is nothing for character development. The supposed romance between Yue and Sokka was done with one line; if its such a throw away then it shouldn’t even be in there. They should’ve just cut that out of the script. Most of the action was boring and uninspired. The supposed climax with Aang at the end comes out of nowhere, he just flies out and starts doing his bending.

    The big reason people care about the race of the people is because the show is steeped in Asian mythology. It would be okay if the actors were at least okay which M. Night said but they were absolutely horrible. And why would the three heroes be white while almost everyone else is some asian race?

    Also it’s unfair to deem this movie as being acceptable because it’s just a silly kids show on Nickelodeon so it can’t possibly be good. We blame M. Night because he wrote and directed and had basically all creative control. We’re not bashing him because its fun or that we want to its cause he destroyed what could have been good.

    Movie is total bullshit, and I also hated Transformers 2.