Let Me In International Trailer

Fans were incensed when it was announced that an American remake of the Swedish masterpiece Let the Right One In, was going into production. Then, when the first stills were released with Chloe Moretz, (who had since become a much-too-young geek goddess, thanks to her role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass) tunes started to change.

This morning, UK time, Deadline posted the first look at the international trailer for the Matt Reeves-directed remake of the brilliant Tomas Alfredson film. My first thought is that is appears much more subdued and faithful than I’d have expected from the director of Cloverfield. The cinematography is beautiful, the child actors look solid, and the setting seems very similar. The style seems a little more flashy and the tone seems a little more amped-up from the original’s creepy slow burn, but that could just be the music and editing of the trailer. All in all, it looks as if this movie could actually be good.

I’m not someone that automatically hates remakes because I am always up for exploration and experimentation in film. The medium is supposedly a melding of art and commerce, but nine times out of ten, movies come firmly down on the side making money. So, if Gus Van Sant wants to take a huge risk and remake a classic property, like Psycho, because he wants to try something that has never been attempted, I’m all for the experimentation, even if the final outcome is less than impressive.

On the other hand, when a remake is a blatant cash grab to capitalize on nostalgia, like the barrage of announced board game, video game, and comic book movies or the upcoming rehashes of Monster Squad or Edward Scissorhands, I’m more easily annoyed.

For me, having now seen the trailer, Let Me In seems to fall somewhere in the middle. If this was an original movie, I would be excited. So, why shouldn’t I be excited if the remake looks good? What do you think of the trailer? Does this give you confidence in Let Me In?

  • rick

    Their making a re-make of Edward Scissor hands? Now that’s retarded. Almost as bad as the proposed candy land movie. IF i see a movie called chutes and ladders or chineese checkers i’m officialy going to stick my head in an oven.

  • Nate

    I read an interview with Reeves a while back and he was saying that this is more a different take on the book (perhaps a more faithful take on the book?) but it looks like it’s a remake of the film. Some of the shots are more or less exactly the same. Just change the color palette from white to sepia, lose the subtitles and you’ve got Let Me In.

  • Theman

    I hate the music in the trailer.

  • Dane

    This actually looks good. I agree that I don’t automatically hate a movie cause it’s a remake. I hope this one stands on its own merits though. I really liked the first one a lot

  • The music is indeed horrible but overall it looks good

  • Ford

    Doesn’t look bad, but looks more typical. Wonder if this will have the gender-bending undertones of the original with the weird mutilated genital shot.

  • Niklas

    It looks a lot like the original movie, which makes me wonder what the point is? From the trailer it seems like they did the remake just so they can have American actors in an American setting rather than exploring anything new with the story. I might of course be wrong and I will see the remake but I hope this isn’t just a way to cater to an audience who refuse to see subtitled movies.

  • Jonny Ashley

    they got another weird looking kid to play the boy, cool

  • Jonny Ashley

    the morse code says “Help Me”

  • It looks very, very similar to the original film. I expected it to be quite different. I just don’t see the point of it. I would like to see a take closer to the book than the original film was. At least that way there would be a point to the remake.

  • Aaron

    Looks like an almost shot-by-shot remake of Let The Right One In. I’m sure it might be a good movie, just seems odd to remake something and change little other than the cast and language.

  • Rick

    looks even better

  • Ray

    I hate the music but it looks good. I don’t have a problem with remakes really but this was made like two years ago. Its crazy. It will be beefed up though, thats clear, there will be some nonsense thrown in, thats just typical of these types of remakes, the Ring anyone?

    I don’t understand an Edward Scissor hands film, it looks timeless, its a fucking classic, nonsense!

  • phil colli

    don’t they mean a woman who ruined a country and seperated the north from the south and the rich from the poor. ohh sorry, it’s still like that now isn’t it. i can’t believe they’re going to make a film about a woman who was primarily about making the rich rich and keeping the poor under foot, breaking the hold or the unions, cutting jobs and raising tax’s. and now they want to make her look like wonder woman. FILM JUNK i’m appalled at you

  • Steve

    Some of these scenes look like they were shot frame-for-frame from the original which begs the question why they felt a remake was necessary. It’s obviously not being adventurous or doing its own thing. Perhaps it’s just because American audiences won’t bother going down to the multiplex if a movie didn’t have American accents or something.

    The music to this trailer annoys me. It’s obviously going for the edgy thing which I’ve seen in Twilight, which is completely beside the point.

  • I have to admit that I am looking forward to the film now. The tone and cinematography seem good.

    There are a few other avenues Matt Reeves could have taken to bring Let the Right One In to the world.


  • Napalm

    yo this doesn’t look too bad. i watched the original one and thought it was pretty decent. visually looks nice as well. and since i’m hearing it’s a little different from the original i might check it out.

    btw i liked the use of Morse code at the end. clever.

  • JustMe

    This trailer looks awesome, for knowing very little about the original. I’m excited to follow it.

    I may be one of the few, but I like the song on the trailer – any idea who/what it is?

  • Werner

    The trailer looks fine. But since I’ve seen the original a dozen times I wonder what I will get out of this remake.

  • I’m less worried than I was before seeing this trailer :\

  • zimek

    I’m looking for a song from this movie.. it hear like this : “oh, oh, oh” in one moment . Please help me