Film Junk Podcast Episode #276: Knight & Day and The Karate Kid

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff / Jay’s Film Junk Jingle
10:55 – Headlines: Peter Jackson in Talks to Direct The Hobbit, Marvel Making a Doctor Strange Movie, The Martian Chronicles Coming to the Big Screen, Oscars Could Move to January in 2011, Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS Bringing 3-D to Home Market
33:55 – Review: Knight & Day
1:10:25 – Review: The Karate Kid
1:44:10 – Trailer Trash: The Green Hornet, Little Fockers
1:57:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Hell’s Kitchen, Natural Born Killers, Close-Up, Death Race 2000, Shock, The Book of Eli, An Education, Who Can Kill a Child?, Soul Power, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, Il Mare, Daisy, The Karate Kid, The Rocketeer, Battle in Seattle
2:46:33 – Junk Mail: Reed Farrington T-shirt in Finland, Rob Zombie’s Next Film, Jaden Smith and Film Junk Fame, Movies to Open a Cinema With
2:58:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:02:10 – Outro

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  • Tomoo

    Wow a long show this week…awesome!

  • WTF!? 3 hours? Awesome!

  • swarez

    Read in the paper today that 3D TV’s are selling like hot cakes over here in Iceland.

  • BigBlackClock

    Lots of bad mojo in this one.

  • Who can kill a child is not doing that great on that Movieclub podcast poll..

  • Great job guys, most entertaining podcast in a while.

  • tv carnage

    no wonder this show was so long. reed farrington runs every discussion into the ground … please stop putting him on the show.

  • Jay, glad you liked WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? That pregnancy moment is truly one for the ages. I think the opening stock footage of children/war atrocities sort of buried the film, a significantly edited version with a few different titles floated around for years, but the Dark Sky and the Artifical Eye grey-market version of these films are both top notch.

    (To answer, Reed F. I heard about the from a friend in the DVD Maniac’s forum, and was also surprised that this film is not more well known – it should be. FYI, My review of the film from a couple of years ago is over a twitch – )

  • Sorry, not Artifical Eye, it’s the “Alfa Digital” label, that is the copy that I have.

  • rus in chicago

    wow, Reed is like a noncommittal, multi tangent podcast grenade! awesome!

  • rus in chicago

    maybe the drive-in issue is you’re seeing movies back-to-back, therefore, subconsciously you’re quick to discount the first thinking you got another to sit through, or the poutine break…

  • I’m willing to accept the possibility that I’m completely off base and the drive in has no effect on how anyone perceives the films (even though Reed’s thoughts on both films — mosquitos, bad sound, the moon, bad picture, bad mood — seemed to somewhat support my theory).

    Regarding the kung fu discussion, a little clarification on my point. Are martial arts instructors regulated? It’s my understanding that they aren’t. Is the process for awarding coloured belts regulated? I don’t believe it is. Yes, there are good martial arts instructors and there are tried and true rules to the handing out of coloured belts, but it would seem to me — according to some googling and message board reading — that the business of martial arts is full of ‘mcdojos’ that take their customers on rides by giving them the impression that they too can learn kung fu for a low price.

  • @ tv carnage

    Reed is part of the filmjunk Universe mate.
    This is a Show, People listen to it not just for the review, you can easily read plenty reviews at RTomatoes, people tune in for the entire podcast’s carnal experience..
    Although guys frankly you are wasting him with those mediocre films you watch lately, I hope you bring him to the Inception episode where he can show his true colors..

  • Jeeves

    Reed rules! It’s always cool when he’s on the show.

  • Gman

    THX for the long show, always more fun. Greg seemed very quiet as the show moved on – The Reed Effect? True length of the show must have been 5 hours. Usually 4hrs and ends up 2 w/editing. Almost needs an aftershow at the end – commentary on the session. The jingle was quite good, like the Team America soundtrack. America…EFF YA!!

    Suggestion: one Blue Ray review. Lord of Rings set, even. Video quality being the focus.

    I Will do the podcastalley and Itunes vote at once

  • Greg


    Once we got to the “What We Watched” segment, my back started to seize up, so I walked away from the table. As we moved further on, the four people on the show made the room a lot more warm and humid than it usually is and combining that with me having two full time jobs, I tapped out pretty quick. I felt bad about not contributing at all over the 2nd half of the show.

  • @tv carnage and all the other Reed haters: Sorry I displeased you once again. I thought I toned down the insanity for the most part.

    We started the podcast late and Greg seemed tired. Actually, I would have talked more and made the show even longer, but Greg had to work the next day. I hope my presence didn’t affect his performance. I always feel that we don’t give the reader e-mail questions appropriate, thoughtful responses.

    I always feel depressed after doing a podcast, because I don’t feel like I was sufficiently entertaining.

  • Robin

    Good show. Always good to hear Mr. Farrington, always entertaining. Jay seemed overly agressive in this one tho, almost as if he had some shit and had like totally misplaced it. Still 3 hours of good solid entertainment. I love this show.

  • Robin


    Tom Cruise face looks plastic in that picture. Like plastic. Is that actually him or some plastic imposter?

  • WTF, I just watched “Who can kill a Child?”, this movie is fucking awesome mon.. You should definitely fuck democracy on the MovieClubPodcast and review this film anyway.

    I would recommend reviewing it with “Close up” since it flirts a bit with Documen_drama as well, but I know it’s not in the “list” nor it is a horror film, so maybe you can review it with the “democratically elected” Visitor-Q I haven’t seen that yet, but it looks like an interesting rival..

  • Napalm

    This must be a record length show for Film Junk podcast O_O Good stuff guys!

  • Claudette

    Totally agree with Kyriacos – Reed’s inclusion shouldn’t be up for debate! Jay seemed a little sore after Reed dared to dole out a tiny bit of the treatment he normally has to deal at the hands of Jay & Greg (being called stupid seemed to be the trigger).Though his comment was not directed at Greg, he randomly called Reed stupid which was clearly about showing his alliance to Jay. Not nice. Reed did not de-rail the discussion unduly. His opinions are presented within his quirky personality (which is fine when it suits) but for once he chose to speak plainly & more freely which was extremely entertaining, if a little challenging for some! Great show! :-)

  • I usually 100% disagree with Reed’s movie taste and opinions especially when it comes to serious filmmaking, But I don’t disclose people judging by their film views,
    you know.
    Furthermore, sometimes it’s a bit boring to hear 4 guys agreeing on everything all the time..

  • For comedies studios routinely make sure movie critics see the film at word-of-mouth screenings to ensure they are watching it with a packed house. Crowds provide a pretty substantial psychological effect on how individual perceive things and its a pretty well known fact and the studios make sure to take every advantage that they can in trying to get a favorable review for their films.

    I usually 100% disagree with Reed’s movie taste and opinions

    Reed has an opinion? Or perhaps more accurately, you were able to gauge just what his opinion truly is?

  • You guys should bring Reed back for Inception. Screw the haters, I think Reeds opinions get Jay and Greg to be more lively. And that makes for a better podcast.

  • Werner

    Thanks for another epic show. You guys rock. Yes! Even Reed ;)

  • Nate

    Jay’s jingle was awesome.

  • Mark In Ottawa

    Well, this is quite the episode – Many great points.

    None come from Greg.

    Reed – always great to hear ya.

    In regard to being a high level Ray Cadbury fan – At what level can you cast spells ?

    At what level can you do “The Rope Trick” ?

  • Primal

    Sean, doing a videogame podcast will be awesome! Only listened to some of the podcasts from 1up back in the day, but haven’t latched onto any good ones lately.

  • tv carnage

    @ Reed Farrington: I apologize for my rude remark. I don’t hate you Reed … you’re funny on all the FJ videos and you make some good points … but c’mon man, just spit it out! you should be more like Sean and only speak up when you actually have a well thought out point.

    @Kyriacos: Huh? I listen to Film Junk for the in-depth discussions and the humor the guys bring … in fact, I wish FJ would ease up on the weekly rating/review aspect (it’s not necessary with the multitude of review sites already out there); they should focus more on what they watched that week (complete w/ spoilers). It’s my fave part of the ‘cast.

  • @tv carnage: Apology accepted. I don’t mind people being honest about disliking my idiosyncrasies. It keeps me humble. I prefer to keep an open mind rather than to have well thought out points. I don’t like to judge things. I just present what I think, both good and bad. I am working on being more coherent, but I think that’s a lost cause.

    @Kyriacos: Funny, I “usually 100% disagree” with your taste in movies as well. :-)

    @Mark In Ottawa: I have no idea what “The Rope Trick” is.

    @Claudette: As always, thx for being here.

  • Jay M

    There are 9 ratings and 5 reviews (soon to be +1 each) of Cantankerous on the US iTunes store. (Film Junk has 46/24.)

    You can view them by selecting “Change Country” in the menu at the bottom of iTunes store pages.

  • @Jay M: Oh, thx for that info. I didn’t realize that the Canadian and US iTunes stores kept different ratings and reviews. Are there separate iTunes store for other countries? I’m ignorant about this. I once changed my iTunes store country on my PC, not realizing that it would screw me up trying to get to the iTunes store on my iTouch. I don’t think I ever did figure out how to change the country from my iTouch. Now I guess I’m going to see what the Americans think about Cantankerous.

  • yes, different ratings in different countries..
    Apple is against globalization.

  • Greg

    @Mark in Ottawa

    “Well, this is quite the episode – Many great points.

    None come from Greg.”

    You spelled ‘Most” wrong.

  • Napalm

    “Knight & Gay”

  • Steini

    I just wanted to add, that Reed is right with some people not knowing about the Drive-In sound because I didn’t. We don’t have any Drive-Ins around here (Germany) and I have been asking myself how it works with the sound since you first brought up the Drive-In. My guess was that it’s transmited to the car speakers. So thank you Reed for clarifying.

  • Ken

    Is Jay still looking forward to THE LAST AIRBENDER?

    You know, with it being the worst reviewed film of the year and all.

    I look forward to hear you guys (hopefully) tear it a new one on the next podcast. It’s quite sad how far Shyamalan has fallen.

  • The12thMonkey

    Is Reed Farrington the “Arnold Rimmer” to Jay’s “Dave Lister”, created to keep Jay sane?

  • @The12thMonkey: Jay and I don’t watch “Red Dwarf.” Jay created Reed Farrington, but the reason escapes me.

    @Ken: Jay is looking forward to “The Last Airbender.” He told me not to put words in his mouth, but we both love Shyamalan’s work, even his recent movies.

    @Kyriacos: Your Gravatar reminds me of David Blaine.

  • Henrik

    I am in complete agreement with Reed that the Drive-In is not a very good place to watch movies. It’s a good place to have fun while watching movies though. But yeah, the screen sucks shit, the sound is crapola, if it starts to rain you’re fucked beyond belief (not sure about the climate up there in Ontario or whereever, but here rain is likely to show up at any given moment), carlights are lighting up the screen, you’re concered with other things than the movie like the actions of your friends, the social balances etc. etc. It’s just alot less complicated when we’re all in the dark!

  • Henrik

    Reed, have you watched The IT Crowd? The new season just started and the first episode was pretty fucking amazing.

  • haha, yeah I manage to change my gravatar after months and months of trials and errors to remember my wordpress password..

    David Blaine?? ..I do not trim my eyebrows!

  • @Henrik: No, I haven’t watched The IT Crowd. Why would I be interested?

  • Henrik

    Well it’s about IT nerds, I’m sure there are some Star Trek references in some episodes (although it’s a british show). It’s a pretty funny show, way better than say, Big Bang Theory which is awful (dunno if you watched that either, but I don’t recommend it), and it’s about nerds so…

  • rot

    Jay, check out Abbas Kiarostami’s Taste of Cherry, thats another great one from him, although I think Ebert has it as one of the worst movies of all time I think. He has some pretty original concepts for stories.