Michael Fassbender Confirmed for Magneto, Alice Eve is Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class

A couple of weeks ago we reported a couple of casting rumours for Magneto and Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. It turns out that one of them was accurate, and one of them wasn’t. Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411 has confirmed his earlier scoop that German actor Michael Fassbender (Jonah Hex, Inglourious Basterds) will play a young Magneto in the film. Apparently he has chosen this role over an unspecified villain in the new Spider-Man film that was also offered to him… probably a wise choice. As for Emma Frost, well, it turns out Marvel is going with someone slightly younger than Rosamund Pike after all.

According to THR’s Heat Vision Blog, Alice Eve has landed the role of the hot and perpetually bitchy telepath in X-Men: First Class. Eve is best known for her recent starring role in She’s Out of My League with Jay Baruchel, although she was also reportedly in the running to play the love interest in Captain America. Personally I don’t think Eve is quite who I pictured as Emma Frost, but hey, she’s blonde and she’s attractive so I guess that’s all that matters. How do you feel about these two casting announcements?

  • Ben

    This is going to be an abomination. Fox needs to give up the rights to all their Marvel properties NOW.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    At least they got the right boobs for Emma Frost.

  • Yes, those are indeed a great choice, I remember them from that rubbish “Crossing Over” movie..

  • pcch7

    I think this is looking like an awesome project.. I trust in Vaughn

  • fatbologna

    Fassbender = Me suddenly kinda interested.

  • Steve

    Wolverine looked technically good too. Good cast, good director, good script-writer and it turned into the proverbial broth.

    I have no doubt this movie will stink just as bad as Wolverine. The filmmakers don’t care about making a good show, they’re more concerned about shoving as many cameos in as possible to appease the nerds.

  • Liney

    Interesting that you describe Fassbender as German…I always assumed he was Irish. Just looked at imdb, and it says that he is half German, half Irish, but was raised in Ireland. He certainly didn’t seem very German in Fish Tank!

  • Ben


    Fox isn’t even concerned with appeasing the nerds. If they did, the movies wouldn’t end up so shitty. The nerds didn’t like Wolverine. The unwashed masses who don’t know Deadpool from a doughboy did. Fox churns out their crap, makes their cash, and keeps the rights to these franchises that they have no intention of doing justice to.

  • Mrespony


  • Liney: Good point, I had just looked up where he was born, and of course his name sounds German but I hadn’t really thought about the fact that he played the British spy in Inglourious Basterds and he starred in Hunger, about the Irish hunger strike.